Friday, 29 January 2016

Firehouse 51

after a week of intense watching I have caught up with 4 seasons of Chicago Fire and I have to say it's the greatest thing I've ever seen!

The main reason I started watching was because of Jesse Spencer, who I had previously seen in House and absolutely loved. I am beyond glad I watched it because I'm just obsessed and it's given me a greater respect for real firefighters, like I've never really given a second thought into their job and just assumed they only put out fires but it shows so much more!

This show has everything, amazing characters and insanely gripping storylines...the reason I spent 3 days binge watching and doing pretty much nothing else. There are two things that a tv show has to have to make it great to me..which are the ability to make me cry (let's be honest that parts pretty easy) and have a relationship that I'm rooting for. Chicago Fire definitely has I have shed so many tears and Casey/Dawson are my all time favourites! 

One thing I can never stop myself doing is googling to see what happens to certain characters because I am terrible at waiting and if it's there I have to see! But this was the first show that I have accidently spoiled myself on two major storylines that have happened. The first being Shay's death...I had just gotten to the part where her and Kelly had decided to have a baby together, and I wanted to know if they did...but instead I found out she was going to die and I was beyond upset...she was an amazing character and I only had one more season of her which just seemed like so little time. The second was Casey and Dawson's baby...First of all I only found out they were having a baby which I counted as a good spoiler because it gave me something to look forward to...but after a few stupid clicks I found out she was going to lose it and I was honestly so gutted, like Casey and Dawson are the cutest couple and I just wanted them to be happy and it seemed like they would be but then everything came crashing down and I spent forever crying over these two storylines when they actually happened because they were way worse that I could've ever expected, especially with Casey & Dawson I was legit sobbing at midnight!!

I would seriously reccomend this show to anyone because it's just that good. Pretty much every character is lovable (unless they're not meant to be) and the storylines are just so real that you get too attached! When I came to the end of season 2 I was like in full shock because watching what was happening was making me feel like I was there and at that moment in time I had no idea what was going on, which had me hooked so I had to start season 3 straight away! Chicago Fire is also in the same universe as Chicago P.D and Chicago Med, so far I've only watched Med aswell as Fire but seeing all the different characters integrate is making me want to watch P.D next as I've grown to like some of the characters from there that have appeared in Fire and Med.

I'm so obsessed with this show and I honestly don't know what I'll do when it finishes (also now having to watch one episode a week) because I've gotten so use to the characters and couldn't imagine not watching it! I'm now just praying none of the main characters die anytime soon because I am definitely not ready for that! 


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