Thursday, 18 February 2016

Open Heart

so I'm here to tell you about a show I just watched (literally today, finished it all) that was definitely taken off air way before it should've been...and that is Open Heart!

It recently got added to Netflix and it seemed pretty interesting so I added it to my watchlist, then today I decided to actually watch it and I don't know if I'm glad or sad that I did. In one way I'm glad because it was insanely obsessive (hence why I watched it all at once) and the storyline was just so mysterious I had to know! But I'm also sad because it ended after one season on such a massive barely anything got resolved which is the worst!

I would definitely reccomend this show if you like mystery shows really because this is definitely one big mystery!
It focuses on a 16 year old girl trying to find her dad after the police close the case to find him after he went missing 6 months before. Along the way you find out a few things that are so interesting (although we need a season 2 to get everything resolved!)

In my honest opinion, I think one reason it didn't get a second season was because it was aired on Nickelodeon/Teen Nick (and no offence to them, because I have watched many good shows on there!) I just don't think this show really fit with their main audience...I was honestly shocked to find out it was aired on there! But now it's on Netflix I think it will start getting the recognition it deserves, because it is such a gripping story...and the end has me asking so many questions that I just need answers to! 

I'm mainly writing this so that you'll read this and go watch it, because although you'll be super annoyed when you get to the end and there is no more for you to watch, you would've watched it and given it more attention...and maybe if it gets the attention it deserves while it's on Netflix, more episodes can be made and we can get answers!!! 

But yeah definitely go find Open Heart on Netflix, it's only 12 episodes (all 21 minutes long) so it really won't take you that long but I promise you that you will love it and basically go crazy with the massive cliffhanger ending...but it will be 100% worth it! 


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