Saturday, 13 February 2016

The Intelligence Unit

I have finally caught up with Chicago PD and let me tell you whoever came up with the idea for these TV shows is a genius, I've never loved a show or group of characters so much before!

After watching Fire & Med, I got use to some of the characters from PD that appeared in these both which made me more excited to watch it as I could see more of them and their story. 

Seeing these characters in their own light doing their job made me like them more. For example Voight in season 1 of Chicago Fire was honestly the worst person but once I started watching PD I got what he was about and I do truly love his character! His relationship with Lindsay is one of the best parts of the show, seeing how he turned her life around to what it is today! Antonio (who is the brother of Gabby from Fire) is such an amazing character and such a good way to connect these two shows. The rest of the intelligence unit are amazing in their own ways, and seeing everything they do undercover is crazy amazing!

Like every show I end up having my heart broken, with PD it was the story of Nadia. She started off being arrested while working as a prostitute with a drug addiction, and after Lindsay took a liking to her she got clean and started working with the intelligence unit training to be a police officer. But instead after she spent so much time getting her life together she ended up dying the worst death possible. Like I said in my Fire post, I always end up reading spoilers...and Nadia's death was something that I brushed over but decided to not read and I so wish I had because it was honestly the vilest thing I had ever watched. 

I ended up starting the episode at midnight (not a good idea) and her killer was just creeping me out from the moment he was on screen and the way he was talking to Lindsay honestly made me want to be sick. But it got so much worse when he kidnapped Nadia and tormenting her about what he was going to do to her. I pretty much sobbed from the moment he took her to the moment they found her body...and although I knew it was just a tv show I just couldn't look at the screen as it upset me so so much. When the episode finally finished at about 1am I was just in shock like I never expected anything that bad to happen. (Thank god the man died in the most recent ep tho because he creeped me out so much!)

Other than that Chicago PD is such an amazing show that you definitely go and watch! (Aswell as Chicago Fire and Chicago Med!) 


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