Tuesday, 12 April 2016

I'm an emotional mess.

I don't know if anyone that reads this follows me on Twitter but if you do you'll know the thing I tweet about the most is how much I cry over character deaths...like its a crazy amount! I thought my newest blog post could be all about the every character death that has bought me to tears because there is only so much I can say in 140 characters and most of them are crying emoji's!!!

This will probably be long so let's start (also this could contain spoilers for you so beware...and I could have forgotten a few because there are so many and I'm so very forgetful!)
Lexa- The 100

Such a shocking death, like I just wasn't expecting it and she died in such a pathetic way like the commander of the grounders gets accidently shot?? like no just no! There is such controversy over this death which I 100% agree with, there was definitely no reason to kill her and the way they did it was beyond terrible. They finally get Clarke and Lexa to be happy together, which lasted about two minutes, and then boom she gets shot and seriously I was sobbing so much because I just couldn't believe they had done that.

Lincoln- The 100

I've never been so angry at a character death before like how dare they kill him off for no reason what so ever. I just loved Ricky Whittle in this role, he made Lincoln the character he was. Since the start of the show I've loved Lincoln and Octavia together and to see her watch him die was just so awful.

George O'Malley- Greys Anatomy

I was 100% not prepared to see the cutie George die this way. I admit I read up on how George dies (just couldn't help myself) but even when I watched it I was still shocked! When they brought the John Doe in I didn't even think about it being George until Meredith had to crack his skull and you saw his eyes open that just reduced me to tears! I carried on crying for the entire episode when he was trying to tell them who he was and when he did and then he died oh god I was just sobbing. Although it was heartbreaking I also think it was such an interesting way to end George's story, such a mystery and shock rolled into one that when he actually dies you're not sure what emotion you were feeling. (I also know Mark, Lexie and Derek are going to die which I haven't seen yet so aren't writing about but I can tell you now they are going to break my heart.) 

Clara Oswald- Doctor Who

Clara was one of my all time favourite companions in doctor who, I just don't ever think of people dying but when I found out Clara's story was coming to an end I had a feeling she was going to die but I never expected to be affected so much from it. Over two episodes I was just sobbing like she was so selfless and caring and that's what ended up killing her and her face oh god I can see it now it kills me every time I think of it! 

Denny Miller- Home and Away

I'm still so salty over this death like Denny deserved so much more than Charlotte pushing her and hitting her head on a coffee table. But then the fact she buried the body and took on the online identity of Denny pretending she had made it to her backpacking trip to Europe was just pure evil for a day time soap! The most heartbreaking moment was everyone finding out she had actually died..like Philippa Northeast who plays Evie, Denny's sister had me in tears because her acting at finding out was just utterly amazing!

King Francis- Reign

God this had me heartbroken at 3am in McDonalds when I read he had died on Twitter. Although I obviously knew he was going to die as it is based on real life history I just wasn't expecting it, and the way he died was just so awful like after him being ill for so long I was never thought he would be killed in that way.

Riley Marra- Scream

From a show about a serial killer you just know people are going to die but this messed me up so bad. Like Riley was one of the best characters and this scene wow it was just so bloody! But then the face timing with Noah before she died Jesus Christ that just killed me and I was sobbing so much.

Duke Crocker- Haven

Duke's death was just so awful, like from the beginning of the show I was in love with him. Throughout the 5 seasons he was easily my favourite character and I just never thought he would die but the way he went with Audrey and Nathan telling him how much he meant to them just killed me because they grew so much stronger from the first time they met.

Finn Collins- The 100

This is one death that I'm still not quite over, this is the moment I realised the 100 will kill anyone off and truly not care. Finn's death was partly understandable as he did kill a load of grounder's but the shocking part is that it happened so fast and having Clarke kill him broke my little shipper heart because I was so not expecting that!

Casey Braxton- Home and Away

I would definitely count this and the saddest character death because I cried for a full 20 minutes. From the moment Casey got shot at the end of one episode to the end of the next episode. Just the acting from the whole cast was amazing during this. But Lincoln Younes (who played Casey) and Steve Peacocke (who played his brother Brax) were just beyond good, it just felt so real and the perfect ending for these brothers and the fact Casey's last words were 'I'm sorry' will make me cry for the rest of eternity!

Danny Pink- Doctor Who

This was a death I never thought I would care about seeing as I didn't even really like the character to begin with. But I don't know why this death just hurt me so much I was sobbing like crazy, I think it was the way it happened it was just so unexpected and shows you how one little thing can change your life instantly! 

Jennifer Mason- Haven

Jennifer was brilliant from the moment she came on screen and I really think her death was so unnecessary and I feel like it was quite rushed like one second she was in the cave and collapsed and the next time you saw her was in a body bag. There was a cute scene where Duke had to accept her death but after that it was just like she had been forgotten about.

Neal Cassidy- Once Upon A Time

Neal was so cute from the moment he was on screen and I just loved his character to so much. Seeing all the flashbacks of him and Emma made it so much better when they see eachother again but my god that death scene had me sobbing like crazy.

Leslie Shay- Chicago Fire

Oh how I wish Shay hadn't died. Lauren German is such an amazing actress and she made Shay such an interesting character. Her death remains one of the most heartbreaking things I've ever seen, I still cry everytime I watch it...the fact season 2 ends on such a cliffhanger but rolls straight into action at the start of season 3. Seeing the flashbacks to her first day made her death so much worse and then finding out that the fire she died in was arson and that she was murdered had me sobbing like crazy!

Allison Argent- Teen Wolf

I started the show knowing full well that Allison was going to die but it still made me sob so so much! I started crying way before she even died, the moment she was saying goodbye to her dad just incase anything happened to him had me crying so bad knowing she was the one that was going to die. She was such an amazing character and this death just killed me...Crystal Reed made this death the most heartbreaking, her acting during this was just beyond perfect. Her final moments being with Scott was a perfect ending to her story.

Romeo Smith- Home and Away

Romeo Smith was played by Luke Mitchell and he was the whole reason I started watching Home and Away. So when his cancer storyline started I knew I wasn't going to like the ending. Technically you don't see him die as he leaves town before but his last episode where he is spending the whole time with his wife Indi was just heartbreaking because she had no idea and has he was trying to give her the perfect last day and she is talking about their future and you just know there isn't going to be one, which I cried at like a baby obviously!

Amber Volakis- House

Amber was a character that was never really my favourite to be honest, but when I found out it was her who was in the accident and was dying I was beyond heartbroken. To see what had happened and then to watch her die was just awful..watching her and seeing the moment she realised she was going to die was just so incredibly sad and something that was written and acted so perfectly.

Nadia Decotis- Chicago PD

This was the hardest thing I had ever watched, like it stills haunts me to this day and no character or real person ever deserves to go through what Nadia did. The whole episode made me sick to my stomach and I cried so much not only at Nadia's death just the thought of what she must of gone through. I must admit although it was an incredibly hard storyline this show pulled it off amazingly well.

Denny Duquette- Greys Anatomy

Denny and Izzie had such a great forbidden love story, and just shows you why Doctors should never get too involved with their patients. Watching Izzie in the scene where she cut his LVAD wire had me sobbing because I truly thought he was going to die in that moment. But to see them get their happy ending (even if it wasn't for long) was really uplifting but then watching him die all alone was heartbreaking and the last scene where she is laying beside him made everything a million times more upsetting.

Santos Reynoso- Ugly Betty

Santos wasn't in Ugly Betty that long but his death was definitely the first tv character death that I can remember reduced me to tears. For most of the time Santos was in the show he was just trying to prove he could be a good father to Justin and he stayed that way until he died. He was going to buy Justin a present from a shop, which was in the process of being robbed, which he tried to help but ended up being shot himself. Then Hilda finding out just made it so much more heartbreaking and something I've never forgotten.

The Huntsman- Once Upon A Time

Oh my favourite Jamie Dornan role. When I started once upon a time I never expected the huntsman to die, I really fell in love with this character and his connection with Emma. His death was such a shock watching him die in Emma's arms, it was just terribly sad! 

Reed Adamson- Greys Anatomy

wow so I have literally just watched this and im still in shock. Reed wasn't in the show very long but her death was awful; getting shot execution style was the most shocking thing I've seen so far. The most heartbreaking moment was when April found her body like I just couldn't imagine anything like that.

Charles Percy- Greys Anatomy

As well as Reed, Charles wasn't in the show very long and wasn't a favourite of mine but his was definitely the saddest death from the shooting episode, he was shot only because he was a surgeon and when he died in bailey's arms I was just sobbing.

Raj Kher- 90210

Raj wasn't a main character but I loved his and Ivy's relationship. For the most time you see him his storyline is centred around his cancer. When he finds out his cancer has come back after thinking it had gone and tells Ivy he doesn't want to be with her to save her the pain of him dying always breaks my heart because you think she would never see him again. But then when they see eachother again when he is in the hospital is just cute but at the same time heartbreaking, it's like seeing Ivy again was the only thing he wanted before dying. So when she came back from getting him water and he was dead had me sobbing,but it was written out so beautifully...just how they focus on her face, then his face then his hand and then have the slow motion of her dropping the glass of water it's just such a great representation of how Ivy feels.


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