Thursday, 12 May 2016

Pretty Little Liars: Season 7

So the promo for the seventh and final season of Pretty Little Liars has just been released and let me tell you I have never been so excited in my life!!

It seems to start off where Season 6 finished; with Hanna being taken by Uber A (I'm pretty sure that's who took her) while the other pll's were trying to catch them. 

The main reason this promo excites me so much is because it's just so dark..which to me seems like they are so many big things going to happen. 

You see a shovel go into the ground in the woods and then Aria say 'how could we let this happen?' Then a clip of Hanna running shouting No. 
It's back to the woods with Emily saying while crying 'I don't think I can live with this' then Spencer saying 'there is no other way Emily'.
A clip of Alison in the mental hospital being restrained with what seems to be Emily looking in on it happening.
Mary Drake is telling Spencer she 'should lock her door these days you're not safe anywhere'. 
There's more scenes of Hanna which look like her being tortured. 
Elliot seems to be removing what looks like a mini handsaw from a tool box in a very creepy manor; while I think Ezra and Aria are in a wardrobe in the room at the same he is doing that. 
A few more clips with a voice over of Spencer saying 'it was a well thought out plan but when it ends like this it's called murder' one of the clips while she is saying that looks to be a blonde girl hanging from the bell tower with people below (Aria, Emily Spencer, Toby?) and screams. 

The main theme to this season seems to be #SaveHanna which to me seems like we are going to see Hanna with whoever took her for a while and it's going to take the others a while to find her. 

The biggest mystery is who or what Emily, Spencer and Aria are burying. I really do believe it is a person they have Emily is so broken up about what they are doing. But who could it be? The girl who is hanging from the bell tower? I'm pretty sure she was blonde but the only blondes I can think of are Hanna, Alison, Sara and Cece (already dead and body wasn't buried). I wanna rule out Hanna and Alison because I would like to believe Spencer would be more upset and not burying her friends in the woods. I don't think Cece seeing as her body was found in the open...unless it's a flashback, they buried her and A dug her body up to be found? Or maybe, just maybe they actually kill off the utterly terrible character Sara? I'd be pretty happy with that tbh!! 

I really hope that every episode is as shocking and gripping as that promo was. I hope that the story ends in such a way that is so shocking but also makes sense and that the show goes out with such a bang! I've seen Tammin Sursok is reprising her role as Jenna this season and I would just love A to be either Jenna or Lucas or them teaming up for Ali and the girls bully them/blinding them. A good revenge storyline would be perfect, because as much I loved Cece's reasoning I feel like it was too centered around Ali and not enough reasoning for the other girls (seeing as they were the most targeted). 

June 21st cannot come any quicker!!!


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