Wednesday, 8 June 2016

my recent favourites

I am mid way through writing a Grey's Anatomy post but as I am waiting for season 12 to be put on NOWTV that's had to be put on hold so...I thought I'd post about my favourite tv shows (in no particular order) that I'm watching recently. 

Criminal Minds
This is just so gripping! I am such a wimp so I actually can't watch too many in a row without convincing myself I'm going to get murdered by a serial killer. But it's just so great to watch how they investigate the murders and profile the killer.

I've just started this and I really can't believe that I never actually watched it when it was on's amazing! The story is so gripping but the way it's filmed as not too dark and not too lighthearted is the best, it draws you in because no matter how perfect people look you never know what secrets they have.

Scream is just amazing. Season 1 was one of the best thing I have watched. Season 2 is getting even better, and makes watching it even harder. Obviously the main theme in the show is murder, so in the first season you didn't really know the characters that well but now they've survived the first season and it just hurts when they kill off one of the mains now (Jakes death tho...kill me).

New Girl
I'm re watching New Girl because it's just one of the best comedies! Zooey Deschanel is just amazing and Jess Day reminds me of myself. Schmidt, Nick, Cece and Winston are so unique and great to watch.

Once Upon a Time
I'm re watching once upon a time as my mum has just started watching it and wow I forgot how much I loved it! The Snow-Charming/Mary Margret-David love story is my favourite thing and it's just so cute!

Chicago Med
Chicago Med is so so good!! I love medical dramas and this is one of the best. The characters are just so loveable and has me so gripped on their story. 

I'm so sad that this isn't as popular as I hoped and it's ending after season 1, it's so great and Alex is such a great main character! Dave Annable is such a great actor also so I loved seeing him again (after seeing him in Red Band Society; which was another show that was great and ended way too soon). It's so great and I can't wait to watch every episode and savour all the time I have left with this show!

Ahh Supergirl is beyond amazing! Melissa Benoist was such fab choice for Supergirl and just has me obsessed! Also after watching Grey's Anatomy and then going back to Supergirl I was shocked to see Chyler Leigh played Alex as she was Lexie in Grey's and was my all time favourite until she died so it was so great to see her again!

Awkward is such an amazingly witty show. The characters are just so great and the way they have all progressed since season 1 is the best! Matty and Jenna are my forever otp aswell like if they aren't endgame then I'll be heartbroken!

Faking It
I'm so sad this got cancelled, like seriously it was such a great show! The way 'different' people are treated like they're not different is so amazing. I've loved Amy and Karma since the beginning, watching their love grow even though Karma was a little reluctant (and we never truly get to see their ending) I like to think she realises she has feeling for Amy. The way they treated Lauren's intersex storyline was so great and actually pretty informative for a comedy show and that they didn't brush over it was so amazing. Basically it was a terrible idea to cancel Faking It!

This was so amazing!!! I love Tom Ellis and him playing Luicfer was so great! Also Lauren German who played Shay in Chicago Fire was in it and it was so fab to see her in a show again. The writing and acting was so amazing, I just cannot wait for season 2!!

12 Monkeys
This is such a complex show that if you're not paying attention it will defo confuse you! But it's so great! Season 1 was the greatest thing I had seen and season 2 is so great also. I love the characters and all the time travelling and I just hope it gets better and better!


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