Saturday, 9 July 2016

season of greatness

As I have mentioned previously I love Pretty Little Liars! It has had many shocks and reveals over the past six years which has left me itching for more. The show is now three episodes into season 7 and I've never been so excited and in love with something and I can just tell that this season is going to get even better with each episode.

Season 7 starts where Season 6 left off with Hanna being abducted and Spencer, Aria, Emily, Mona, Caleb, Toby and Ezra looking for her. They all learn of Mary Drake's identity after seeing her walking into the police station. Uber A gives them 24 hours to reveal Charlotte's killer or Hanna is killed; which leads to Aria remembering something about the night Charlotte died and they all come to the conclusion that Alison was the one that killed Charlotte. Hanna manages to escape but runs into Mary on her way while Elliot reveals himself to a drugged up Allison.

Mary Drake takes Hanna home, The girls become more suspicious of Elliot as Alison calls Emily to tell her she needs help. The relationships from the time jump start to crumble; Aria breaks up with Liam (who ends up grilling Ezra...) and Hanna breaks off her engagement with Jordan. Emily starts to believe that Elliot and Mary are working together, which leads to Aria and Hanna finding out that Elliot and Charlotte had a love affair. With their attempt to get Alison out of the psychiatric hospital and away from Elliot's control Hanna accidentally hits Elliot with her car which kills him instantly. 

Three episodes in and there has already been a shocking murder which is giving me very high hopes for the rest of the season as there will be something other to focus on as well as the A mystery which will make each episode more exciting. As well as these story lines season 7 is going to be great because quite a few of the season 1 characters are coming back, these are Lucas, Jenna, Noel and Jason and I'm so excited to find out how they fit into the mystery!

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