Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Killer Reveal!

Obviously this post will be full of spoilers so if you haven't seen the finale of Scream yet and don't want to know who the killer is then please stop reading!!!

So...Season 2 of Scream has just finished which meant the killer has be revealed and I HAVE NEVER BEEN SO EXCITED!

Since the beginning of the show I've been so in love and so suspicious of Kieran, he was my guess for the entire first season and I must admit I was quite disappointed when Piper was revealed...although it was quite shocking it wasn't my favourite thing. Then came season 2 and from the start I found it so much better than the first, being more invested in the characters was a massive reason. The deaths this season were quite shocking and pretty sad. I spent pretty much the entire season suspecting Eli as they were making him look pretty suspicious and creepy but then changed my mind after 2x11 once the characters started to suspect Eli because obviously they weren't going to guess the killer an episode before the big reveal. Which is when I became utterly convinced it was Kieran and oh I was right!

Scream Recap

Throughout the entire episode I was screaming because everything was just so amazing! Amadeus' acting once Kieran had been revealed as the killer was beyond amazing, I had been in love with his character since the start and this just made him like a million times better! But once I
I had fully convinced myself that Kieran was the killer it was just insanely obvious as I was actually watching, like there were so many times he wasn't there when things happened or the most obvious one when he showed up to the place Emma and Audrey were even though she never told him where she would be!

According to Netflix (which is how I watch it in the UK), there are going to be more episodes on October 18th which I'm super excited about because there is so much I want to know after that finale especially after it ending with Kieran getting a phone call from 'ghostface' saying 'Who said you could wear my mask?' which is obviously implying that Brandon James is alive! I'm also very happy that they didn't kill of Kieran as I would love to see more of him now his true motives have been revealed. But it was such an amazing episode and brilliant reveal!


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