Saturday, 17 September 2016

I had a major freak out!

Not that long ago I started watching Agents of Shield, which was so amazing and I would definitely recommend you watching it! My main reason for starting it was because Luke Mitchell was in it. I've mentioned a few times on this how much I love him, he's such a great actor and has excelled in everything I have seen him in.

I started Home and Away because he was in it and Romeo was such an amazing character but then his story line ended with him dying of cancer which just killed me because I loved his character so much and his last episode was just incredibly sad.
Then when I started Agents of Shield, I knew his character was going to die so I  made sure to savour every second he was on screen.

But the main reason for this blog post is while watching Agents of Shield I had some major Home and Away nostalgia as Axle Whitehead who played Liam Murphy was in a few episodes as James. As soon as I saw him on screen I screamed, it was like such an exciting moment in my day. It then made me really emotional because in Romeo's last episode he rode off into the sunset (so he didn't have to make his wife see him die) with Liam, and it just brought back so many memories but also the fact they were on the same show again and were in scenes together just felt like the best thing ever.

Home and Away is such an amazing show which I don't think people give it the credit it deserves, if it hadn't been for Luke Mitchell then I would never have started watching it and would've missed out on so much! Because it is an Australian soap the actors on it are quite unknown and underrated, but so amazing that they need to be noticed. The characters are so relatable and some of the story lines are so gripping and heartbreaking, and I cannot tell you how many times this show has made me cry!

So since I actually started writing this, I finished the show and the inevitable happened in the season 3 finale; Lincoln died. Of course his death scene had me in a million tears, and it was just filled with so many emotions that I wasn't ready for, like I knew he was going to die but I really didn't think I'd cry as much as I did (although...when don't I cry?). By the end of season 3 I was definitely a Daisy/Lincoln shipper, and the fact that they were speaking to each other up until the moment he died broke my heart! Also I got some major Doctor Who Rose/Ten vibes with the whole cut off 'I Love You' which made me sob a million times more!

Luke has now been cast in Blindspot, a show that intrigued me when it first came out and I never watched, and I am so excited to start it. It looks like such an interesting show and I just know Luke will be amazing in his role as Roman as he is in every other role he has played. I definitely recommended you watching anything he has been in because it will be amazing!

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