Sunday, 27 November 2016


Sunday; the day everybody waits for because it's the 'ultimate lazy day'...but not me, I work Sundays and yes I know I have days in the week where I get to be lazy, but it isn't the same being home alone on a week day and then leaving my family, who are all together, on a Sunday..kinda sucks).

Normally after work I get home about 9.30pm and have a little catch up with my family and end up watching whatever reality show my mum is watching; tonight was I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (which I do like...I even cried at it..I'm way too emotional for life), and then be in bed by 11pm. 

But today is different(ish), I decided to go to bed a little earlier (although it is almost midnight and I am writing this) and read through the Vogue magazine I bought after work...the cover was just too beautiful not to buy! I am also listening to 'Reflecting Light' (on repeat...yes I am one of those people), I heard this song at the end of Gilmore Girls:A Year In The Life the other day and instantly fell in love (also found out it was in the scene where Luke and Lorelai are dancing at Liz's wedding...ahh perfection). Its just so beautiful and calming that I cannot stop listening to it (also it's giving me some major Luke/Lorelai feels)

I'll probably be asleep within an hour as I do have work again tomorrow; but I shall leave this post here and will post again soon.

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Friday, 25 November 2016

Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life

ok, first of all I would love to say a MASSIVE thank you to Netflix for bringing this amazing TV show back! I only started watching it this year, but I can see how its been so well loved...I've fallen in love with each and every character and honestly probably more invested in their lives than I am my own...which is weird I guess. (also don't read any further if you don't want to see spoilers!)

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The start made me super emotional, it started with no actual visual just speech, which was a montage of some of the most iconic lines from the past 7 seasons and that just made me super excited. My favourite part is although it ended almost 10 years ago, nothing has changed, every characters personality is the same as when it finished and all the sets look almost identical.

Luke and Lorelai being an actual couple is my favourite thing, I've loved them since the beginning and the end of the show with them kissing seriously was too much for me and it makes my life seeing them together again. Although when they start arguing my heart breaks each time.

Seeing how much Rory has grown since the show has ended was such a great thing, although she is still the same Rory. Her friendship with Lane is still going strong even into their 30's. My least favourite thing is how she is still sleeping Logan because he basically was treating her like 'the other woman' and she deserves so much more.

The return of Paris Geller was the best, she is easily one of the most amazing characters and she is still as funny as ever. Seeing how she has become successful, been married had kids and got a divorce and still having a hard time just shows that nobody has ever truly got everything figured out.

I fully understand Lorelai's decision to want and go on a hike, but it was sad to see her away from Stars Hollow. But watching her try and pack her backpack literally remind me of myself before going to matter how big those bags look there is never enough room!

The phone call between Lorelai and her mum about her dad was such a heartwarming moment, to hear her actually opening up to her mum about something was so amazing. Edward Herrmann was very much missed from this revival.

Luke thinking Lorelai was going to leave him was so cute, him arguing his corner was such a perfect moment. "This right here is all I'll ever need" I just love him so much and the love he has for her is something that everybody should have! But once she said "I think we should get married" I cried like a baby!!

Rory writing a book about her and Lorelai was such a great story line. Their relationship has been literally the greatest thing about this show and what makes the show so great. Also the fact it was named "Gilmore Girls" made me cry!

Sookie's return was quite short but so amazing, I cried...when Lorelai walks into the kitchen and finds her making wedding cakes for her, it made me feel super happy because they have such an amazing friendship.

Luke and Lorelai's wedding is honestly more than I could ever have hoped for, I was a big blubbering mess, I am such a sucker for a romantic ending and for it to be these two amazing characters was the best.

Then the highly anticipated last 4 words...something that had been planned for a while and everyone has been waiting to hear were said, "Mom? Yeah? I'm pregnant." I honestly gasped so loud...I really hope this isn't the end because I would love to see how they would carry on the story line of Rory being pregnant, who the father is (I'm assuming Logan?) and to see Luke and Lorelai's married life!

If you have never watched Gilmore Girls and never have been graced by the people of Stars Hollow then I really do hope you take this opportunity and do so! It is such an amazing show that anybody can fall in love with.


When TV and music meet...

ok ok ok, lets be honest...I've been slacking with this recently (to be honest I've been slacking with a lot) but I really do want to get back into regularly posting, also maybe adding a few make up posts (although I am in no way a beauty guru...) so for today I'm just going to stick with a TV related post!

I thought I would post my favourite songs from TV shows, as most of the music I listen to comes from shows, also I think the right song in a certain scene can have many effects on you so I shall be adding a little information on shows/scenes/effects.

The Fray- How to Save a Life: This has been used in many shows that I have seen, mainly Grey's Anatomy, but the one I want to talk about today is Scrubs. The episode the song features in has really stuck with me and is something that I'll probably never forget. It was one of the first deeply emotional moments in this comedy that I remember. The song is used in a scene after the doctors transplant organs without knowing how the patient died, which they figure out too late and all the transplant patients die, and it is definitely a scene that has stuck with me for years!

Snow Patrol- Open Your Eyes: So the show this was featured in was The US Office, and to me is the song that reminds me of Jim & Pam! If you've watched The Office and didn't ship Jim & Pam then you are crazy. This song is used in the second to last episode and Jim makes Pam a video to show how much he loves her and honestly it seriously killed me! It was the sweetest moment and every time I listen to this song I feel an overwhelming feeling on joy (as non weird as that sounds).

Aidan Knight- Dream Team: The show this song was featured in was Haven, and it was such an emotional scene; Duke has to accept that Jennifer has died and basically let go of her and this song is played while there is a montage of their best bits play. Every time I listen to this song I feel all the emotions all over again, it is such a beautiful song.

Anna Nalick- Breathe: This song was featured in the musical episode of Grey's Anatomy and it is to me one of the best moments from the episode. It is sung by Lexie as she is looking for Mark while Callie is in surgery and I think its such a good song to tell their story and it just makes you feel so many different emotions.

Bruce Springsteen- Dancing In The Dark: This song was featured in The Mindy Project and was honestly the greatest moment in the show. It is featured in the season 2 finale and is just one big parallel. It is played while Danny is running through New York to find Mindy at the top of the Empire State Building and this scene was such a high for me because in the pilot Mindy is watching 'When Harry met Sally' and Danny is making a point of Harry running to find Sally a stupid thing to do this scene but proves his love for Mindy is pure and enough to change him.

James Vincent McMorrow- Look Out: This song was featured in Teen Wolf and just breaks my heart every time I listen to it. It was played after Allison's death scene and will just forever remind me of that scene, it was so heartbreaking watching her die in Scott's arms. This is such a beautiful song which is a perfect song to relax to.

One Two- Without You: So after some researching I figured out this song was played when Mark died in Grey's Anatomy...and I didn't even know, like this isn't what I even wanted to mention. Technically what I associate this song with isn't a TV show...its to do with a TV show, it was basically a Skye/Lincoln fan video on YouTube (sad I know). It basically stuck in my mind for a long time! Then one day I was listening to music and this came on shuffle and it basically broke my heart all over again, I love the song so much!

Rachel Platten- Fight Song: This song was featured in Pretty Little Liars and is one of my favourite scenes. It is played when Alison comes back to school (after being missing/dead), it is such an iconic moment and the song is just perfect for Alison. When she walks through the doors of the school to everyone staring at her while this is playing just makes it so amazing. I will forever be reminded of Alison Dilaurentis when I listen to this song.


Thursday, 24 November 2016


I'm sat at home with cup of coffee and watching Chicago Med and thought I haven't posted in a while, so I thought I would....and make it something other than a TV show post!

Recently I had a job interview (which I didn't get...oops) which just proved that no matter how much I think I've changed....I will always be the shy girl who freaks out at the moment I have to socialise.
I spent days revising for my application and everything I needed to know for the job role and normally I have an insanely good memory but when I got into the room with three totally unknown people staring at mind went blank. It was seriously like that episode of Spongebob where the tiny sponges in his brain get rid of every bit of information in his brain. 

Nothing else has really happened, there shall be a new post coming soon...all about Gilmore Girls: A year in the life!! 

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