Thursday, 19 January 2017

City of stars, Are you shining just for me?


If you haven't heard about La La Land yet, where have you been?! It is probably the most anticipated movie of this year (and yes I know this year has only been a few weeks long!). The best way to describe it is as a romantic comedy musical, it stars Emma Stone (as Mia) and Ryan Gosling (as Sebastian) and follows the ups and downs of their beautiful love story. 

I went to go see it on Monday night and it was just incredible! I had a brief knowledge of what it was about and obviously I had heard the hype about it from critics and award shows. But sitting in the cinema and being thrown into the story was extraordinary, it brought out a wave of emotions from me; I laughed, smiled and cried! 

The story line had me hooked on every word, the love story between Mia and Sebastian was such a pure thing to watch. The 'five years later' part did break my heart a little bit, but the montage that is shown with Seb playing the piano made it whole again; it was such a beautiful way to end this story.
After seeing it I naturally became obsessed! I was just yearning to go and see it again..but I settled for the next best thing; buying the soundtrack on iTunes. It is such a great collection of music and when listened with both earphones in, it gives a feeling of being thrown into that universe and brings back all the emotions I felt when watching this film.

My favourite song off of the soundtrack is definitely 'City of Stars' it is such a beautiful and calm song that tells a story within its lyrics and just matches the story line of the film so well. The soundtrack as a whole is such an uplifting thing to listen to. Whether you have seen the film or are planning on seeing it I would definitely recommend buying the soundtrack as you will fall in love with it and will brighten your mood when it is listened to!

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