Friday, 13 January 2017

forever catching up


I've spent the past week binge watching Home and Away...quite and odd thing to binge watch I know! But I had accumulated about 3 months worth (and with it being a daily show...that's a lot!) and that was taking up all of my recording space on my TV. After watching pretty much all the episodes I had, I feel like I've fallen in love with this show has such amazing story lines and actors it just gives me all the feels all the time!

It started snowing last night and I was super excited because weirdly enough I love snow! I had planned to go out and take some cute Instagram photos but by the time I was dressed and ready, the sun had come out and melted all the snow which was very disappointing so I ended up just curling my hair which I'm really loving considering I've just been leaving my hair natural recently.

I'm now catching up with Grey's life recently is just 'catching up', this episode is kind of weird and I hate to say it but I feel like this show has gone down hill quite a bit especially since Derek's death (but I'm still going to keep watching it). But I tell you what every time I see Meredith wearing Derek's scrub cap all I wanna do is cry! There was also so many flashbacks of Meredith and the children from the night Derek died in this episode which was super sad and then at the end there was full on a scene of Meredith seeing (an early season) Derek and it honestly broke my heart so bad!

I got another order from Sample Beauty in the post today so I shall hopefully have another post about those soon!

I'll post another update soon!


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