Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Kathleen Lights x Morphe Palette

If you were to ever ask me who my favourite YouTuber is, it would hands down be Kathleen Lights! Ever since I found her review on the Artis brush, I have loved her channel, she is hilarious and so relatable...it sounds weird but I think we'd be great friends. You should definitely check out and subscribe to her channel!

So when I heard she was collaborating with Morphe to make this eye shadow palette, I just knew I had to have it! It was limited edition and the first release sold out insanely fast, so when I heard that they were having a second release; I just couldn't say no. 

Living in the UK you can buy Morphe palettes on Beauty Bay or Cult Beauty but as this palette wasn't on either of those website's I had to order from the main site. As they ship from  the US, the shipping was quite a hefty amount...about double the price of the palette, all together it came to around £30 and I didn't have to pay a customs fee which is always great but it definitely was worth the money! It arrived in just over a week, which is great considering it came from the US.

The palette is so beautiful and the colours are all so pigmented. I haven't used all of the colours yet but I have used a mix of the matte and glitter shades and they both blend and sit so well on the eye, I didn't actually use a primer on my lids only a concealer which I set with a powder. I can't wait to try out more combinations as there is such a different range of colours which can be used together.

I hope that after reading this you would check out Kathleen's YouTube channel as it highly entertaining and she has some great make up tutorials. As well as her YouTube, you should definitely buy this palette as all the colours are so beautiful and they apply so nicely.  

See you in my next post!



  1. Hi, I looking reading more of your blog post. I have a blog as well. Please leave some feedback and I will do the same.

  2. Oh that palette looks so pretty! I've wanted to purchase Morphe palette for so long haha, don't really know why I haven't yet. I've heard so many good things about them!

    ~ Jasmin N
    // littlethingswithjassy.blogspot.fi

    1. it's amazing! My first Morphe palette, but will definitely be purchasing more!!


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