Saturday, 7 January 2017

Saturday Night

back again!

As per usual nothing too exciting has happened within my life, I've almost finished with re watching The Office; Jim and Pam are basically my all time relationship goals. Not only is this show hilarious, watching Jim and Pam's relationship grow is just beyond beautiful...I've never known any show to get something so right!

Yesterday was probably one of the hardest days of my diet so far, as my brother decided to buy Domino's and that was my go to junk pizza is everything! It honestly pained me to watch him eating it, as stupid as that sounds but I could smell it and I was sat there eating if there hadn't been chicken on it I 100% would have broke and eaten it!

It's the weekend now which means I'll be working, which is! I'm in my 20's, sat in bed watching The Office and writing this on a Saturday night...very productive if I say so myself. My phone decided to start breaking literally two weeks before my upgrade is due; but I think I've managed to sort of fix it..well at least until I can get a new one!

I'll speak again soon!

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