Friday, 3 February 2017

My Go To Make Up Look

Hey, so I thought today's post could be all about my 'go to make up look'. As I was applying my make up the other day I realised that I had gotten myself in such a routine and this was the look I would always go for so why not write a post about it?

The products I am using are:
Urban Decay Naked Skin Concealer in the shade Fair Neutral
Makeup Revolution Vivid Baked Highlight in the shade Moon Glow Lights
Kylie Cosmetics Matte Lip Kit in the shade Maliboo

I start with my daytime skin care routine which you can read here. Then I move onto my eyebrows; I prime them with the Browvo conditioning primer and then slightly fill them in a little bit before setting them with the Ready Set Brow gel, when using this I brush them upwards a little bit to create a feathery effect. I prime my eyelids with the Eden Primer Potion, which I have a little sample of, before setting them with the cream shade which is the 2nd in the top row. I then take the shade to the right of it as my transition shade and apply it just above the crease, I use the mustard shade (which is 4th on the bottom row) on my entire lid and then I blend it together with the transition shade. To add a little definition I take the shade left of the mustard shade and put that in my crease and outer corner. 

I then apply my mascara and I use two, I have really crappy eyelashes (I do this one eye at a time) so I curl my eyelashes then apply the Soap and Glory mascara to just make it easier to apply the Too Faced mascara. I then prime my entire face with my L'Oreal Paris primer and let it set in to my skin. Once my primer has set I then apply my Benefit foundation to my entire face, I cover up any visible spots with my Collection concealer and use my Urban Decay concealer to highlight my under eyes. I then set my entire face with my Too Faced Powder.

I take the mustard eye shadow shade again and apply to my under eyes as close to my water line as possible and use my Soap and Glory mascara for my bottom lashes. I contour/bronze up my face with my Benefit Hoola Bronzer and to make my cheeks a little rosy I use Benefit's Dandelion blusher (I actually have them in a little set which also have 4 other blushers and a highlight). I apply my Makeup Revolution highlight to the tops of my cheek bones. I don't have a setting spray right now but if I were to have one it would be the Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray. To finish off my look I use my favourite Kylie Lip Kit which is in the shade Maliboo, it is such a beautiful colour and goes with any outfit.

The above photo is what I use for my eyes; starting with the pink topped brush and going to the right. I applied my setting shade to my entire lid with this brush. I used the next brush to apply my definition shade to the crease and outer corner of my eye. I used the next brush to apply my transition shade above my crease and the final brush was used to apply the mustard shade to my entire lid. Obviously the eyelash curlers were used to curl my lashes!

The above photo is what I use for my face (and yes I'm aware my brushes are super dirty but I am holding out to buy the Sigma Spa Brush Cleaning Glove); starting with the oval brush and going to the right. I used the oval brush to apply my foundation and I just love the way it applies! The next brush was used for my bronzer and it makes the application so easy and it doesn't come out too dark on my face. The next brush is what I applied my blusher with. I used the next brush to apply the Collection concealer to any visible spots while I use the beauty blender for my under eye concealer. I use the foundation brush to actually apply my highlight because I think it works well and doesn't over apply. The last brush is what I use to set my foundation and concealer. 

This is the final look! (outfit; sunflower top from H&M which I paired with some black high waist jeans from New Look) I hope you've enjoyed reading this and I would definitely recommend everything that I have used in this post. I hope you come back for my next post!



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