Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Outfit of the Day/ Chat About Weight

This morning while I was getting ready, I was suddenly inspired to write an outfit of the day/chat about weight post. But seeing as I could not take a decent portrait photo of my outfit that didn't make me want to cry, I decided to change up the post a little.

When putting my outfit on, I felt very good about myself as in I felt good in what I was wearing and not frumpy and uncomfortable. I am wearing a Beige Choker V Neck Top, which I got for Christmas but was from Primark, I also paired this with a pair of Black High-Waisted Jeans from New Look.

This brings me to the weight part of this post. Since the start of January, I have been on a sort of diet where I have basically just changed the way I eat and have cut out all of the junk food I ate...which was a lot! So far I have lost 10lbs and I know that isn't groundbreaking but I definitely noticed it when I put this top on today. It is a lot looser than when I first tried it on and it is a lot more comfortable.

I have always been aware of my weight but I've never been really conscious about it; I have always loved wearing skirts/dresses/crop tops even though I don't have 'the right body' for them (spoiler alert, there is no such thing as the right body) I just find them the most comfortable pieces of clothing. But I recently got to a stage where I no longer felt comfortable and I hated watching the numbers on the scales go up. So I decided that 2017 is the year where I finally take my weight seriously and become a healthier me. 



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