Wednesday, 12 April 2017

forever rambling


I've been so uninspired/sort of not organised enough to post anything worthwhile (that isn't me just hyping over some TV show...still more of those posts to come tho) so I thought today I could just do a little chatty (ironic if you know me irl because I am far from that) post while I sort myself out and actually post something decent!

Not much is really going on in my life; if I'm not at work then I'm at home binge watching some TV I am the epitome of fun! But I am going away to Ireland with family soon and then Iceland with my friend Laura which will be amazing! There shall definitely be an Iceland post coming, it is such a beautiful place and I cannot wait to photograph it! 

I recently watched 13 Reasons Why and just fell in love. It is so deep and meaningful and I just latched onto it, I really want to re watch it but I don't know if I can handle all those emotions again! I want to write a post on it but it's deals with such sensitive subjects that I'm scared I'll say the wrong thing so I think I'll read the book before fully committing to that one! 

The final 10 episodes of Pretty Little Liars start next week and I don't know how to feel, like one part of me is sad because I've been watching it so long I just don't want it to end, another is excited to actually see what happens but I also just don't want to see it because what if they ruin it???

I started a diet (really I just cut certain foods out and exercise more) at the start of the year and so far I've lost just over a stone, which isn't amazing considering we are already 4 months into this year but it's a start and can actually see myself sticking to it (it is also helping that people keep telling me I look like I've lost weight because to me I look no different!)

I have literally nothing planned for this week, I should probably take some blog photos and actually post something. Hopefully you'll have another post from me by the end of this week!

I hope this little chatty filler post was some what interesting and that you'll come back for my next post!



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