Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Looking For Something To Watch On Netflix?


As some of you may know I'm some what of a TV addict, so I thought today's post could be me telling you my favourite things to watch on Netflix. There are many amazing shows and films to watch on Netflix but I've just picked my 10 favourite TV shows on there! 

Gilmore Girls

The original series as well as the most recent 4 part sequel are on there. I have written blog posts on both which you can read here : Original Series & Sequel. I only started watching this recently but I'm utterly obsessed. I am both Lorelai and Rory at the same time, it is hilarious and relatable and such a lovely thing to watch. You will get hooked within every characters life but be totally in love by the end of it.


I really didn't know if I was going to like this as I wasn't a fan of horrors before watching it (still not the biggest fan although I have watched a lot more) but I saw the trailer and it seemed so interesting and my god I'm so happy I actually watched because it's so great! I hadn't seen the films before watching this but even after watching them I thought it was such a great take on the story and you just have to watch it!

How to Get Away with Murder

I literally recommend this to everybody! If you ever ask me what to watch then this is 100% my number 1, everything about it is amazing; the story lines, the actors, and the freaking plot twists! I can't find the words to honestly describe how much of a masterpiece this show is, I refuse to believe that people do not like it. But if you choose to watch at least one of these shows please let it be this one!

Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

This started off as a Friday night guilty pleasure watch and soon turned into an obsession. It is a very odd show as it is a musical comedy so they break into song quite a lot, something that I questioned when first watching, but after embracing the music I became so wrapped up in the story. The first season was definitely the best, but the season 2 finale had an element of depth to it and gave answers to questions I didn't even know I needed answering which was amazing. It might not be everybody's cup of tea, but worth a shot right?

Life Unexpected

This was one of the first things I watched when I got Netflix and it gave me a whole new love for Britt Robertson and Shiri Appleby. It took me a while to get into but once I hit the end of season 1, I couldn't get enough. It dealt with so many serious subjects in such a great way and it was full of so many amazing friendships and family relationships whether they were functional or not, this show had everything and although I did love how it ended and how all the characters had grown, it definitely deserved way more than 2 seasons! 


Even I can admit this show sounds a little weird, former medical student turned zombie who solves crimes? weird but it strangely works. It's really funny with a little element of mystery to it. It's such an easy watch that you can really get obsessed with. Netflix made my day by adding it and will be adding episodes weekly when the new season starts which is always a plus!

13 Reasons Why

I am feeling so many emotions and there are so many words to use to describe this but when I try nothing seems to compare. It is based on the book of the same name, something I haven't read yet but definitely intend on. It was such a highly anticipated show which lived up to everything I had heard. It deals with many serious and sensitive subjects in such a brilliant way and I finished the show with a whole new outlook on life. I believe this is something everyone should watch, it shows you that you don't know what is happening in anybody's life other than your own. It is heartbreaking and can be rather graphic at times but was an amazing watch.

12 Monkeys

I originally watched this when it was on TV and was just utterly obsessed. It was such a unique concept and had amazing actors in. I fell in love with the story and the characters and just couldn't stop watching. I recently noticed it was added to Netflix and was so happy because that means more people can fall in love with it. There's only one season on there but there's a couple more seasons to be added which is great. 

Pretty Little Liars

I have written many posts on this, the main being this. It is my all time favourite show and definitely a must watch for everybody! It has been such a huge part of my teenage life and the last 10 episodes start airing in April which I'm not ready for, like we finally get all the answers, but will they be what we want? If you haven't already started this then you really need to! 


This is such a great show, I have been obsessed with historical monarchy for as long as I can remember so watching a show that centres around them is amazing. Learning about the life of Mary Queen of Scots has been so great, I often find myself googling to see how much of what is on screen is actually true and its so interesting. Adelaide Kane is such an amazing actress and it seriously is the greatest role for her. Definitely try this out because it is such a great watch! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and come back for my next one! I'd love to hear if you have any suggestions for me to watch?



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