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I have just recently finished watching Lost and feel like I have to write a post on it because I have so many feelings about this show and I don't even know if they are good or bad, right now they are leaning more towards being disappointed.

I started this show with little knowledge on it; mostly being that plane crash survivors were stuck on an island. Which sounds like it could be a great plot for a show right? So I was always confused as to why I kept hearing bad reviews on it. When I was on the first episode I was told by my mum and my cousin not to carry on because it wasn't good...did I listen? of course not! Although I thoroughly enjoyed the first episode I was so annoyed with how the rest of the show turned out.

I did enjoy the range of characters. The main being Jack, Kate, Sawyer, Hugo, Sayid, Boone and Shannon. I should've known that this show was going to be a big mess as soon as they killed off Boone and Shannon quite early on. There were many random crazy story lines that most of the time made no sense and strayed the show far from what it originally was, which to me was the most annoying part because I was confused a lot of the time. The main thing that started to confuse me was how everyone on the island seem to somehow be connected, like how could Jack and Claire go from being strangers to finding out they were siblings?!

The whole of season 6 was a mystery to me. I had pretty much given up with the show by then and was just watching it to get through it as I was so close to the end. The whole 'alternate reality' thing going on definitely made no sense and I feel like there wasn't much explanation to it, so I was watching them living on the island while they were living off the what? The whole remembering part of the alternate reality didn't make much sense to me but it did make me extremely happy and I cried a little bit. Seeing everybody who was on the island, whether they died or not remembering each other was kind of a weird but cool thing to watch. My favourites were definitely Shannon & Sayid and Claire & Charlie, they both did not get enough time on the island together so seeing Charlie and Shannon 'alive' again seriously made me happy.

The church do I even comprehend what happened there? Jack's dead dad tells him everyone's dead, but they didn't die at the same time and that they created the church as a way to see each WHAT? What year was this scene set in? Was the alternate reality really what their life was like if the plane hadn't crashed or was it like a post death dream? Did Kate, Claire and Sawyer make it off the island safely? Why do I not know the answers to these questions?

Overall I would not recommend this as a show to watch and enjoy because whether I enjoyed it was very questionable. I would however recommend it just for you to watch and make your own opinion on it, it isn't the best so don't have high expectations but it is kind of an experience. If you've watched it, I would love to hear you insights and opinions on it!

I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back for my next one.




  1. I watched Lost when it first aired and I think I watched the first season and maybe the second one as well, but after that the storylines started to get so out of hand and I hate when shows leave storylines and questions unanswered! I remember when the finale of Lost aired, although I'd stopped watching it by then everyone was so pissed when the ending!

    Julia // The Sunday Mode

    1. I can't believe it took me so long to reply! Sorry! I hate that too, I'm also one to not give up on shows and finishing this was more effort than it really needed to be...It could've been amazing but nope :(


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