Monday, 17 April 2017

What's In My Bag?


So I thought today I would do my own version of my favourite post/video which is a What's In My Bag? I am doing a very condensed version though because I'm such a messy person that the majority of what is in my bag is just old receipts and sweet wrappers (yes I know, I should probably throw them away) so you won't be seeing those! 

My everyday handbag is this beige/taupe coloured bag from New Look, I was going to link it but it seems to be out of stock now. But I've managed to find 8 semi-interesting things floating around my bag that have some sort of reason for being in there. 

The first thing I have in there is my work hi-vis and I weirdly carry this all the time even when I'm not at work...nothing really ever leaves my bag. It is just something that I have to wear for work but a lot of the time it is just sitting in my bag, not that interesting to be honest.

Next is my purse, It's from River Island and I got it on my 18th birthday (which was almost 3 years ago). I keep the usual in there; cards, driving license (well my provisional...I can't actually drive) and money when I have some. I also keep my door key and dentist/opticians appointment cards in here.

Next is my one true love. My Victoria's Secret Fragrance Mist in Pure Seduction, I cannot go out without literally spraying half the bottle over myself. It has such a strong sweet/fruity smell and is my all time favourite scent. 

I have a random pair of gloves in there that I near enough never wear. I got them January 2016 when I was in Ireland and it was freezing cold but I never seem to get cold enough to wear them anymore although they may become useful when I go to Iceland in May.

I also have a 2017 diary which I only used for the start of the year before giving up with it but maybe I will carry on using it again. Its a really nice glittery silver and is pretty handy at times.

This one is really weird because I have been carrying around an empty glasses case. I wear contact lenses most of the time so obviously one day I took my glasses off and just left them somewhere in my bedroom. (since starting this post, my glasses have return to their case in my bag as I had to go to the opticians).

I have another spray thrown into my bag as I just hate to smell bad. This one is Charlie Enchant and is just a very light sweet refreshing scent that is perfect for when I don't want to over power with my Victoria's Secret Spray.

I also have a pen floating around in there because when don't you need a pen? I actually didn't realise it was in my bag until I started pulling things out for this post but definitely something I will start using! 

I hope you enjoyed this post and having a little nose at what's in my bag. I also hope that you come back for my next one! 



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