Sunday, 28 May 2017

Closer Each Day....Home and Away.


So today I'm going to talk all about Home and Away, it is my favourite thing like I'm seriously obsessed and it just doesn't get enough credit. I don't know anybody that watches this (other than people I've got on Twitter). 

If you don't know what Home and Away is, it's an Australian soap, that has been on air since 1988, which is set in the fictional town of Summer Bay and focuses on the lives, loves and heartbreaks of the people who live there. 

I have always loved Australian shows (like they're mostly set on beaches and the scenery is beautiful) but I've only been watching Home and Away since 2012. I started watching it because Luke Mitchell (who is one of my favourite actors) played Romeo and even though I missed a couple of years with him in it, I was hooked from the moment I started. It is the perfect mix of drama, comedy and at times mystery. 

When I first started it the Braxton's were rocking the Bay, they were the perfect story line for me to start on as they had their fair share of drama, love and heartbreak. I fell in love with Lincoln Younes, Dan Ewing, Stephen Peacocke and Nic Westaway who played Casey, Heath, Darryl (Brax) and Kyle Braxton. As well as Lisa Gormley and Bonnie Sveen who played Bianca Scott and Ricky Sharpe. They will forever be a huge part of Home and Away for me because they were the characters that got me hooked on the show.

Since I started it there have been many heartbreaking story lines. A few of which were the death of Romeo, Gina, Casey, Denny, Oscar, Hannah and Billie. There have also been story lines that include drugs, a cult, a bomb, witness protection, cancer, an explosion, a murder and many more. 

Home and Away have had some of the saddest death's out of any TV show I have watched. I am terrible when it comes to watching TV deaths and I am a very emotional person and will burst into tears at the slightest thing. They always know how to pull on the heartstrings of the viewers, some of the saddest parts of the deaths are the reactions and acting from the characters family members/other characters. 

Indi finding out Romeo had left town because he was dying and didn't want her to watch him die was the first thing to truly break my heart in this show and something that will forever upset me. Casey apologising and then dying in Brax's arms and then Brax refusing to let go of him had me sobbing. The main person who had me crying in Denny, Oscar and Hannah's deaths was Evie; losing her sister, twin brother and aunt within a short amount of time was heartbreaking but the way she breaks down with all of them had me in tears. Billie's death was sudden and shocking; the acting of everyone in this story line was incredible. I cried an insane amount and it honestly broke my heart, I was just incredibly sad after watching it, the scene on the beach with VJ and Luc was just so beautiful. Ash's reaction to finding out his little sister had died was truly heartbreaking and something I can see changing his character. 

I remember reading an article on the Daily Mail website about Tessa De Josselin joining Home and Away, at the time I had never heard of her and was unsure whether I would like her as I get so used to the characters on my screen that I hate when they leave and new cast start (even though most of the time I end up loving them). I only truly started to love her towards the beginning of (what I didn't know was) the end. I questioned her relationship with VJ at the start but really grew to love it. My heart broke for her when she was raped and pretty much all the scenes after it, I wasn't a fan of how long she lied to VJ about the baby for but could see where she was coming from and the love he had for her when he found out made me believe she would get a happy ending, unfortunately not.

The great thing with Home and Away is that it is a soap that has a forever changing cast, so you can jump in at anytime. Even though you will be confused and a little out of touch with the characters at first, after watching it for a week or two you will be able to keep up with everyone and soon will forget about the time you had no idea what was going on and waiting for your next dose of Summer Bay!

I hope you enjoyed this post and come back for my next one! I do hope you try out Home and Away, it is on weekdays on Channel 5 at either 1.15pm or 6pm. 



Sunday, 7 May 2017

My Trip To Reykjavik!


So, if you follow me on Instagram or just know me in real life then you'll probably know that I've recently been to Iceland with my friend Laura. I had such an amazing time and thought it would be a great thing to post about; telling you what I did and also how I survived in Iceland (an insanely expensive country) on a budget! The best thing about going with Laura is that we are so alike and also both love to Instagram so it wasn't uncommon for us to stand and take more than one picture of the same thing to get the 'perfect shot'.

I have some pictures that I didn't include in this on my Instagram which you can check out here.

We flew out on the 2nd May and came back on the 6th. It was a very last minute, slightly unplanned trip like Laura found cheap flights and was like "come to Iceland with me" and I was like "why not?". It turned out to be the best decision I have ever made in my life because it was just so amazing!

We stayed at Loft Hostel, this being my second hostel experience (although it was my first international and dorm one) and it was such a lovely place to stay. It was super cosy and you just felt like you were at home, the staff were all polite and helpful. It was pretty much in the middle of the city so there were many restaurants, coffee shops and attractions within walking distance. 

We had a visit to Dunkin Donuts everyday, a cup of coffee was around 459kr, which is roughly around £3.35 which isn't actually that bad for Iceland. Something that Iceland doesn't have is a McDonalds or Starbucks, two things that are universally known as being everywhere so finding a Dunkin Donuts was the greatest discovery. 

Our first day was spent just walking around getting to know where places were and finding a cheap (well Icelandic version of cheap) supermarket. We found a supermarket called Bonus, which I would say is their version of Lidl or Aldi, although it wasn't insanely cheap it was the cheapest we found. 
We actually only had proper dinners two out of the four days we were there; on the Tuesday we had a pot noodle because we were so worn out from travelling, Wednesday we went to Lebowski Bar, you could get a burger, fries and drink for 2150kr which is roughly around £16 which is great! Thursday we just had a (rather large) slice of Pizza when we went to the Kriglan mall. We went to The Hard Rock Cafe on the Friday, which was rather pricey but it was our last night and we thought we'd treat ourselves and go for a meal with two of the girls we met in the hostel.

Our second day was spent on a whole day tour of The Golden Circle, Kerid Volcanic Crater and Blue Lagoon. We pre booked this and it was super pricey but so worth it. It was around £114 + £50 for the Blue Lagoon ticket. It did include a tour bus and tour guide (who was really nice and really made the day enjoyable). There are a few pictures of this day below:

Seeing Strokkur erupt was probably the best part of this day (maybe even the trip) because it is just so fascinating to watch hot water explode from the ground. We were stood pretty close and were advised that being downwind of it erupting wasn't a good idea. The wind changed just as it erupted, and any normal person (like many who were there) would run when they see this crazy amount of water heading straight to them...but not I, I stood there watching it until it was too late and I was drenched head to toe. After the initial shock of "I am soaked, my phone is soaked" (I did buy a waterproof case but hadn't put it on yet) it was just hilarious and Laura caught the whole thing on video, luckily the iPhone 7 being water resistant worked in my favour! 

Blue Lagoon

A big part of going to Iceland was going to the Blue Lagoon, and it is definitely something everybody needs to do! It is just so beautiful and relaxing and as Laura said "the most perfect bath temperature". We did sort of break the rules as you are meant to shower without your swimsuit before getting in, but there wasn't a lot of privacy and I'm not one for getting naked in front of strangers (or even people I know) so we just showered in our swimsuits. I find the first picture so funny because I'm not wearing my glasses or contacts so I just have this weird squinting face happening as I cannot see.

As someone who cannot draw to save her life, I can really appreciate graffiti/street art. The streets of Reykjavik are plastered in some amazing art, it's insane how talented some people are. The next four pictures are my favourites I came across: 

We spent Thursday and Friday walking around sightseeing. If you know me then you'll know I'm not much of a walker but during these days we managed to get our step count to 13,000-17,000 which is crazy. Luckily the weather was pretty nice during these days so it made walking around a lot easier and it was perfect for picture taking. We saw Esja Mountain, a view of the city from the Perlan viewing deck and the Nautholsvik Geothermal Beach.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back for my next one! You should definitely plan on visiting Reykjavik, it is super expensive but as long as you do your research and save up money you should be fine! 


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