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In just over a week, the show that has been the main obsession in my life since I was 14 is ending, after spending countless hours watching and rewatching, looking for clues and reading theories upon theories we are finally getting an answer to who has been torturing these girls for all these years (yes, I'm aware there have been reveals but I'm sure they have all been working for A.D). 

In this post I shall be going through, but not ranking, some of the best reveals from the past 7 seasons and ending with my final predictions and possible reasons to who killed Charlotte and who A.D is. (Obviously if you haven't watched the show then this will be full of spoilers!)

Mona is A (2x25)
You can watch here. This was by far the best reveal from any show I've ever watched (and honestly I can't see the A.D reveal being able to top this!) Everything about this reveal was perfect; watching Spencer figure it out within a few seconds, watching Mona go from the girl we knew to 'A' was amazing..seeing such a different side of her and how well Janel acted within those scenes made it such a pivotal moment!

Toby is on the A Team (3x12)
You can watch here. This was another insanely shocking but also heartbreaking reveal. Spoby are such a beautiful couple and to see Toby be the one to turn around in the iconic black hoodie and him basically going against Spencer was so sad. This was the moment where you realised if Toby could be on the A team then anybody could be. Even though (apparently) that is all behind him now and he all about helping the girls, this was one of the best moments for me.

Spencer is on the A Team (3x24)
You can watch here. This was a very short lived story line and I feel like the girls forgave her really easily (like they pretty much cut Aria off last week for helping A.D?) but this was so shocking, seeing one of the liars going against the rest was such an interesting story line, even if she was just doing it to find Toby.

Ezra is A (4x12)
You can watch here. I know technically Ezra wasn't A and he was 'writing a book' but I don't believe that. There were about 10 episodes that were very centred around Ezra and his creepy behaviour and everything you saw within it that time could not have been related to writing a book! But back to the reveal, this moment was so amazing and something that I'll forever remember..I've loved Ezra and Aria since the pilot and seeing him turn around in that lair was bad enough but then watching every other creepy moment up until Aria found out produced one of the greatest scenes in the show.

Alison is Alive (4x13)
You can watch here. This is probably the biggest reveal of the series as it's basically what the show focuses on in the first few seasons. It is one that I have mixed feelings for as having Alison back was great as Sasha Pieterse is an amazing actress and you got to see a lot more from the character but up until that moment a lot of the show was about "who killed Alison?" so basically the show changed a lot from that one scene.

Cece/Charlotte is A (6x10)
You can watch here. This reveal, this reveal was so hyped up..I'd read a million theories and was dead set on it being Toby, because at the time that made some sort of sense to me but the time come and it was Cece. In the moment I was confused but also thought that it did make some sense and was a logical choice...but as time goes on I realise I actually hate this reveal. I do look back and see some clues to Cece being A but I just wasn't a fan of the whole Charles/Charlotte plot, I thought it was rushed and desensitised in a way.

Mona is Dead/Alive (5x12-5x25)
You can watch here and here. This was probably one of the most unnecessary reveals, I could understand if they had just killed Mona off (even though it would have broke my heart and ruin the show) as this was like Big A getting rid of the original A but to then reveal she was actually alive the entire time??? I found it to be a waste of screen time (and my tears) that could've been used to give more information and answers to questions.

PLL Endgame Predictions
Now onto predictions, I've had 7 years to suss everyone out and figure this out, but since there have been so many plot twists within that time I'm still so indecisive. There are two main questions/mysteries still left to answer which are "Who killed Charlotte?" and "Who is A.D?".

Who Killed Charlotte? If I'm honest I don't think I'll ever be able to guess this, it could quite literally be anybody. From Spencer, Aria, Emily, Hanna, Alison and Mona to anybody in their life who cared about them. I'm going to guess Mona though...this is a very last minute guess but right now makes some sense to me, at the end of the last episode you see Mona with the board game and then puts a pair of glasses on which parallels to when Mona was A and makes me think that mentally she is going back to the way she used to be, and killing the person that stole the game from her in the first place could do that.

Who is A.D? I do have a definite answer of who I think it will be and they are the same person I've wanted it to be for ages...and that is Ezra Fitz! First of all I am a big Ezria shipper and I know that him being A.D could end everything but I've become so convinced that it is him. Since season 4 I've loved the idea of Ezra becoming A.D but it was written out as him writing a book. All the equipment and the lair he had in that time make me think that it couldn't have all been for a book, maybe it started that way but he became too obsessed with watching the girs (creepy I know). I can't really think of a concrete reason against all the girls that he could have to be A.D, but I feel like he is the only significant person it could be. 

I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back for my next one! I would love to hear your PLL theories and whether you agree or disagree with me!


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