Thursday, 27 July 2017

TV made me listen!


If you didn't know, I love TV and I love music. I especially love music that has a story to it so most of my favourite songs come from TV shows and either have a story to tell within the lyrics or have some significance to the story line. So in today's post I shall be sharing a few of my favourites songs that I found through TV shows. There is also a recurring theme of death within these scenes, which gives you an idea about my taste in music...

Bruce Springsteen - Dancing In The Dark
The scene from The Mindy Project that I heard this in can be seen here. Although the song isn't in the clip which sucks because I couldn't find the actual scene but it is where Mindy and Danny race to the top of the empire state building to meet each other which is such an amazing scene and finale.

James Vincent McMorrow - Look Out
The scene from Teen Wolf that I heard this in can be seen here. Probably the saddest scene from any tv show I have watched, Allison was such a great character and her death was so shocking and heartbreaking and this song will forever remind me of it.

Aidan Knight - Dream Team
The scene from Haven that I heard this in can be seen here. Haven was such a great show, and this song was played during such a pivotal scene when Duke has to accept Jennifer is dead and 'let her go' to save Nathan, and after everything they had gone through he still chooses to save him.

Anna Nalick - Breathe (2am)

The scene from Grey's Anatomy that I heard this in can be seen here. The musical episode is definitely one of my favourites and this song choice was so great for this scene and Mark and Lexie's story.

The Civil Wars - The One That Got Away

The scene from Ravenswood that I heard this in can be seen here. This scene was such a memorable thing for me because it was just something I wasn't expecting. The song makes the scene so much creepier and that is amazing!

The Fray - How To Save A Life
The scene from Scrubs that I heard this in can be seen here. This is like my favourite song ever and although it has been in many things, this scene is the one that sticks with me the most. For a comedy show it's such a heartbreaking scene which made it so memorable.

Sara Ramirez - The Story

The scene from Grey's Anatomy that I heard this in can be seen here. Another amazing scene from the musical episode, as this whole episode was centred around Callie this song had so much emotion to it and was such a great end to the episode.

Sam Phillips - Reflecting Light
The scene from Gilmore Girls that I heard this in can be seen here. I became obsessed with Gilmore Girls last year and instantly and obviously fell in love with Luke and Lorelai so this song playing during their wedding in the revival was everything I had dreamed of!

I hope that you enjoyed this post and will come back for my next one! I also hope you listened to some of these songs and watched some of the shows!


Wednesday, 12 July 2017

yet another Primark haul!


Today's post is going to be yet another Primark haul; I can never go into Primark without leaving with a bag full of stuff and a massive hole in my bank account, so lets get into it!


The first thing I bought was this pair of plain black flats. I only ever wear my black converse and there are some outfits they don't pair well with so I thought I best buy some shoes that will easily pair with anything. They were only £4 as well which is so amazing!

I also bought this tropical twist hand sanitizer, you can never have too many of these and recently I am obsessed with different scented sanitizers so I'm excited to start using this!

I also bought these foundation sticks, one in the shade Sand and one in Ivory. I bought Sand accidentally as I couldn't see a name until I got home so had to go back and buy Ivory but I think I'll just use Sand as a cream contour and hopefully I'll have a separate post up about these.

As I only really wear my converse, I pretty much live in trainer socks and I'm obsessed with crazy socks so these were perfect! I also bought another set but I have already started wearing them so didn't end up photographing them.

The next thing I bought was this super cute matching bralette and knickers. I'm so obsessed with bralettes recently because they are extremely comfortable compared to underwired bras and Primark have so many pretty ones which are really affordable!

I bought these two cropped t shirts, in black and green. They are so simple and pretty and such a nice addition to an outfit. They are not too thin and not too thick which makes them so perfect!

I also bought these denim shorts with a little detail on the bottom, they are super cute and I cannot wait to wear them because I am loving denim shorts recently!

I bought these plain black shorts with a white detail around just to wear around my house, they are so cute and comfortable and I wish I had bought more!

I also bought this super cute brownish detailed bralette, I had to go back to change this as at first I picked up the wrong size but I'm so happy I have this as it is so beautiful!

Another bralette, but it is also my final! I bought this pink flower detailed one, the mesh part of it blends so well with my skin so it looks amazing and is so comfortable!

I also bought this hat, which was the main reason for going to primark, I'm in love with the colour and I'm really loving hats recently but I feel like this one is a weird shape compared to my head so I actually haven't worn it that much!

I'm obsessed with this blue jumper I bought, its cropped and insanely comfortable and I'm literally wearing it right now but the best part about it is that it was in the sale for £2!! 

The final thing I bought is this pinkish suede like dress with a tie up detail on the front, its so comfortable and can be a casual dress or you can dress it up which is so great! I cannot wait to wear this.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back for my next one! Have you been on any shopping spree's lately?



Monday, 10 July 2017

Liebster Award Tag


Today's post is going to be the Liebster Award Tag which is a great way to learn about other bloggers. I was tagged by imwithbeth and she gave me 11 question to answer, then I shall tag 11 other bloggers and give them 11 questions to answer!

1. Why did you start blogging?
I had always loved writing, and I had just started watching Awkward, where the main character writes a blog, and thought I could do it too (tv forever influencing my life) it also happened around a time in my life when I didn't have a solid friend group so it was something to focus on instead of just being alone 24/7 (which actually sounds pretty sad when I say that..)

2. What is a quote/motto you live by?
It has to be what my mum has always told me and I'm pretty sure her mum used to tell her as well which is "ignore stupid people", it is pretty simple and self explanatory but to be honest its pretty great advice.

3. If you could visit any place in the world, where would it be and why?
New York! It looks so great, like there are so many amazing places to visit there, also so many of my favourite shows were based there so it would be like stepping into their universe.

4. Where do you see your blog in 5 years?
I hope that I am still writing it, I'd really hope to improve it by getting a better computer and camera for photos. I use my iPhone 7 right now which is pretty good but I could improve a little more!

5. Who is your favourite blogger/influencer?
I'm really loving Maria J, her content is always so interesting and informative, her photography is seriously so amazing and she seems like such a nice girl!

6. What advice would you give to new bloggers?
Don't be ashamed! I was very reluctant to share my blog with anyone when I first started it because I'm constantly worried about what people will think of me, but since sharing it on Twitter/Instagram/Facebook I have had nothing but good comments which make me feel so much better about it and inspires me to write more!

7. What is your biggest fear?
Spiders! I literally cannot stand being anywhere near them, like to the point of crying (god help me). Weirdly enough about 20 minutes before starting to write this I had a spider appear on my arm which I freaked out over and ended up having to jump in the shower because I felt like it was still on me!

8. What is your favourite TV series?
Friends, like is there any other? I'm seriously obsessed with it (my blog name is chandler inspired if you didn't know) and I am constantly watching it and laughing as hard as the first time. I cannot understand how people have never watched it/do not like HOW???

9. What is your favourite accessory?
If I'm honest this was a really hard question, because I couldn't think of anything. I'm not much of a jewellery person but I have this necklace that my aunt got me which I love, it is super cute and goes with everything.

10. If you could only eat one item of food for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Pizza, and weirdly just cheese and simple but so amazing! (if you didn't know...I'm obsessed with pizza).

11. What can you not live without?
My phone! I know that is a stupidly boring answer (and my mum would expect me to say her) but I do everything on my phone and it is constantly in my hand, I would be seriously lost without it.

The 11 bloggers I have decided to tag are:
Emily Bashforth
The Wrights Life
Black Coffee Blog

Finally, my 11 questions are:

1. When you were younger, what did you want to grow up to be?
2. Coke or Pepsi?
3. If you were to plan a 3 course meal, what would it be?
4. What's your favourite colour?
5. What is your go to song?
6. What has improved since you started your blog and what do you wish to improve?
7. What is your favourite film scene?
8. If you could meet any celebrity, dead or alive, who would it be and why?
9. What was the last book you read?
10. What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?
11. What is your favourite piece of clothing?

I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back for my next one! Don't forget to check out the blogs that are linked in this post!



Thursday, 6 July 2017

Top Ten TV First Kisses!


So today's post is a TV related post, something that I thought up while rewatching The Mindy Project recently. If you're anything like me then you're unable to watch a TV show without getting completely wrapped up in this love lives of the fictional characters. For this post I've rounded up my top 10 favourite TV first kisses which I hope sharing with you will get you as obsessed as I am. 

10.Gilmore Girls: Jess and Rory
Image result for gilmore girls jess and rory
You can watch here. Since Jess came onto the show I had always loved him and Rory so when they finally kissed I was so happy. They were so cute and even though he was a 'bad boy' she seemed to mellow him out. I'm sad that they didn't last very long as they were so cute.

9.Parks & Recreation: Ben and Leslie
Image result for parks and rec ben and leslie
You can watch here. Ben and Leslie are so amazing and were so right for each other. Watching Ben be as dorky as Leslie made me so happy and it was so great when they finally kissed. Their whole relationship made the show and was the reason I started watching in the first place.

8.Home and Away: Casey and Denny
Image result for home and away casey and denny
You can watch here. Casey and Denny were the most unlikely but such an amazing couple. Their first kiss was so great and how happy they made each other was the best part of their relationship. Their relationship was very short lived as they both died way too soon but this kiss, the start of the relationship is something that I will forever love.

7.Reign: Francis and Mary
Image result for reign mary and francis
You can watch here. Before starting this show I didn't know the whole true history of Mary Queen of Scots but Mary and Francis (even if it wasn't a true portrayal of their real relationship) were the best couple. In times where marrying for power and not love wasn't uncommon, it was rare for a King and Queen to have genuine love so seeing Mary and Francis share this was so beautiful and its so heartbreaking at how fast it ended.

6.Chicago Fire: Casey and Dawson
Image result for chicago fire casey and dawson
You can watch here. I can't tell you whats better, the show or the relationship? It pains me that they aren't together at the start of the show as they are so great together. They have been through so much and always find their way back to each other. It was such a painful wait for them to get together and their first kiss was so amazing which is a scene that I will forever love.

5.Superstore: Jonah and Amy
Image result for superstore amy and jonah
You can watch here. From the first episode of Superstore I knew Amy and Jonah were meant to be together but my heart broke finding out Amy was married. After two seasons of watching and waiting for them to finally happen, they finally kissed and even though it was in the middle of a tornado it was so great and so long waited.

4.The US Office: Jim and Pam
Image result for the office jim and pam
You can watch here. Jim and Pam had the greatest TV love story of all time. It was a crazy ride of heartbreak and love but it was so beautiful to watch. The office is such an iconic show and they are such an iconic couple. Getting to watch two best friends fall in love and create such a beautiful life is beyond amazing.

3.Gilmore Girls: Luke and Lorelai
Image result for gilmore girls luke and lorelai
You can watch here. Luke and Lorelai were such an amazing part of Gilmore Girls and they were such a will they/wont they couple. I ended up watching the entire season 4 in a day just to finally see this kiss and at 2am this was everything that I had waited for. Truly the best couple on Gilmore Girls and something I cannot believe didn't enter my life until last year.

2.New Girl: Nick and Jess
Image result for new girl nick and jess season 3
You can watch here. This was such a great moment within New Girl, Nick and Jess are written so perfectly for each other and they are what make the show so great. The scenes leading up to the kiss make it even better with the whole "not like this" which was the moment Nick's feelings for Jess became official. 

1.The Mindy Project: Danny and Mindy
Image result for the mindy project mindy and danny
You can watch here. I'm so sad that I couldn't find the actual clip because this is literally the greatest moment of TV in my opinion. I had been rooting for Danny and Mindy since the pilot so when they finally kissed (I'm not ashamed to say) I cried! It's definitely something you will appreciate more if you watch from the start because there are just so many amazing moments and parallels in their relationship.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back for my next one. I also hope that this post gets you to watch at least one of these shows!


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