Wednesday, 12 July 2017

yet another Primark haul!


Today's post is going to be yet another Primark haul; I can never go into Primark without leaving with a bag full of stuff and a massive hole in my bank account, so lets get into it!


The first thing I bought was this pair of plain black flats. I only ever wear my black converse and there are some outfits they don't pair well with so I thought I best buy some shoes that will easily pair with anything. They were only £4 as well which is so amazing!

I also bought this tropical twist hand sanitizer, you can never have too many of these and recently I am obsessed with different scented sanitizers so I'm excited to start using this!

I also bought these foundation sticks, one in the shade Sand and one in Ivory. I bought Sand accidentally as I couldn't see a name until I got home so had to go back and buy Ivory but I think I'll just use Sand as a cream contour and hopefully I'll have a separate post up about these.

As I only really wear my converse, I pretty much live in trainer socks and I'm obsessed with crazy socks so these were perfect! I also bought another set but I have already started wearing them so didn't end up photographing them.

The next thing I bought was this super cute matching bralette and knickers. I'm so obsessed with bralettes recently because they are extremely comfortable compared to underwired bras and Primark have so many pretty ones which are really affordable!

I bought these two cropped t shirts, in black and green. They are so simple and pretty and such a nice addition to an outfit. They are not too thin and not too thick which makes them so perfect!

I also bought these denim shorts with a little detail on the bottom, they are super cute and I cannot wait to wear them because I am loving denim shorts recently!

I bought these plain black shorts with a white detail around just to wear around my house, they are so cute and comfortable and I wish I had bought more!

I also bought this super cute brownish detailed bralette, I had to go back to change this as at first I picked up the wrong size but I'm so happy I have this as it is so beautiful!

Another bralette, but it is also my final! I bought this pink flower detailed one, the mesh part of it blends so well with my skin so it looks amazing and is so comfortable!

I also bought this hat, which was the main reason for going to primark, I'm in love with the colour and I'm really loving hats recently but I feel like this one is a weird shape compared to my head so I actually haven't worn it that much!

I'm obsessed with this blue jumper I bought, its cropped and insanely comfortable and I'm literally wearing it right now but the best part about it is that it was in the sale for £2!! 

The final thing I bought is this pinkish suede like dress with a tie up detail on the front, its so comfortable and can be a casual dress or you can dress it up which is so great! I cannot wait to wear this.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back for my next one! Have you been on any shopping spree's lately?



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