Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Lets talk about weight!


People in my life are probably bored of me talking about my weight loss by now, but I don't care and will tell you all about it anyway! So, over the past year I have managed to do something which I have always thought was impossible for myself and that was lose 2 stone. My weight has never been something I have been so open with, and if I'm honest it wasn't actually something that ever bothered me until recently. It actually started in October 2016 when my brother took a photo of me when I wasn't expecting it (I'm still not ready to post that picture though) and honestly couldn't believe that's what I looked like, I just looked awful. Throughout my life I had been on and off dieting for as long as I can remember but I was never very committed so I would just end up quitting and repeating it so many times until the end of 2016 when I fully decided something in my life had to change.

I pretty much cut out everything bad I was consuming at the start of my diet as I knew this was what needed the biggest change. I was living off of just salad for lunch and dinner and black coffee for the first couple of months, I know that sounds super boring but it actually wasn't, this was probably the best thing I done because after losing a stone I knew I couldn't turn back. Another big thing that helped was that I got another job which involved a lot more walking and that led me towards losing 2 stone. I'm not as strict as I was when I first started at the beginning of the year but I am careful and conscious of what I eat and I try to exercise more (exercise has always been my worst enemy and I just need somebody to help myself become less scared of publicly exercising).

The biggest problem I have is losing the motivation to carry on then just gaining all the weight back so I've come up with two ways of helping me stay motivated and stay on track to lose another 2 stone by the end of 2018, these are keeping a track of what I weigh...I have a note in my phone with the date I weighed myself and what I weighed that day. Another thing that helps me stay motivated is seeing old photos of myself and comparing them to current day, to show that I am actually visibly changing.

The left picture is of me in October 2016 and the right is in November 2017.

The left picture is from July 2017 and the right from November 2017.

The left picture is from August 2016 and right from November 2017.

This photo was taken December 2017 and was taken purely out of shock, I bought these jeans in March 2017 and every other time I had worn them they had just about fit but when putting them on the other day they wouldn't even stay up and it sounds stupid but I had never been so happy (obviously I'm sad because I'm losing out on a good pair of jeans) but I'm actually losing weight even if I cant see it all the time!

I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back for my next one!


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  1. Keep up the good work, you look fab and see the difference in your face too !!


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