Thursday, 14 December 2017

Outfit Details // Green & Blue Sequins


So recently it was my mums 50th and she had such a fab party, which inspired me to write this post because I was just so in love with my outfit and make up. It's not often I truly truly love my outfit so I just had to share!

As my dress was pretty much just green/blue sequin, I knew I had to match my eye shadow to it. I used the Sugar Pill Pro Pan Pressed Eye Shadow in Kim Chi mixed with Makeup Geeks Dragonfly for the base of my eye and I used Makeup Geeks Foiled Eye Shadow Pan in Pegasus on top for a shimmer effect. I had also dyed my hair a purple/red which gave me a real Ariel/mermaid vibe.

Along with my make up, I had to match my nails with my dress. I don't have very nice natural nails, as much as I try to grow them, so I bought some white stick on nails from Primark and painted them myself. To get the colour I ended up with I used two Barry M nail varnish's. for the base I used two coats of Black Pistachio and then topped in with Ethereal Forest which gave just such a lovely colour.

My dress was from Missguided. It was by far the greatest thing I had ever bought. It was so flattering and just made me feel really confident in the way I looked. I paired the dress with some new look black lie up low heels.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back for the next one!


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