Tuesday, 6 November 2018


If you read my last post then you may know that this year, compared to last, has definitely not been my year. I had so many expectations and they all went to crap but since writing that post I've had such an amazing couple of months and things I could have only ever dreamed of actually happened, so thought I'd let you all know.

Friends Fest

If you know me at all you'll know that I am obsessed with Friends, I have been for the past 10 years of my life and I am forever watching it. In September I finally got to go to Friends Fest and it was honestly such a great day. I went with two of my friends and all the little photo ops around were so great (those photos are on my instagram) and the set tours were definitely my favourite part of the day, I cant even describe the feeling of seeing something on TV everyday to then seeing it in person! 

Michael Buble

The day after Friends Fest I went to see Michael Buble at the o2 with my mum, something that we have both always wanted to do, but have never had any luck with getting tickets. We had standing tickets and they were the best ever! Not only was this such a great night because we were super super close and Michael is such a cute person, like honestly best personality ever, it made my night just to have made one of my mums dreams come true. Definitely one of the best concerts I have been to! 

Rip it Up

This night is the night that made my 2018. I went to see Harry Judd in Rip It Up with my mum, which was my birthday present from this year and just the fact I had front row seats was a good enough reason to make it such an amazing evening. But as soon as I saw Danny Jones in the audience I just knew I had to meet him (I have been such a massive Mcfly fan since I was 7 so there was no way I was leaving without even attempting to meet him) which I did during the interval, and he was literally the nicest person, I was so nervous which you can tell by how shaky the photo is. The show was amazing and by the end of it I was on such a high and then getting to meet Harry afterwards actually made my life. 

Tulleys Farm

This Halloween me and a group of people from work went to Tulleys Farm Shocktober Fest and it was such an amazing night! I'm normally such a wimp and seriously thought this would terrify me but I cannot wait to go back! There were so many well thought out horror mazes that were pretty bloody jumpy at times, but none of them made me scream and cry so I actually impressed myself by being brave! Also, I'm in love with this giant pumpkin!


Last week I went to see Busted at the 100 Club in London with my friend Laura and honestly was one of the best nights of my life. This was such a last minute gig and in the tiniest, cutest venue. They were so great live and I loved every bloody second of it, the only downside is that you couldn't use your phone in there (although we did get a couple of sneaky pics), which I half get because its always so great just enjoying it in the moment but oh my god, as soon as Matt Willis was in literal touching distance from me all I wanted to do was get a photo of that beautiful man. Most of the audience getting onstage during year 3000 was definitely a moment i'll never forget! I had such a great time that at the weekend I bought tickets to see them again in March!

Even though this year definitely didn't turn out the way I had hoped, the past couple of months have made it so so amazing and hopefully the rest of the year will be just as great. I need to so desperately find the motivation to start dieting again and get back to how I was last year but I'm finding it so hard, hopefully 2019 will be my year!


Thursday, 6 September 2018

Well, look who's back!


It's been such a long time since I last wrote anything; I somehow managed to take an accidental 6 month break from blogging (I actually half wrote one post within this time...and I'm not sure whether I'm still going to post it or not).

The past 6 months have actually been the worst of my life, a lot has happened all on top of each other and has definitely slowly broken me. A lot of it has to do with work, and don't get me wrong I LOVE my job, it is actually a major contributor to the person I am today and 100% when I started 4 years ago I could have never seen myself as I am today but the past few months have been hard, I was pushed to my literal breaking point, and even though I have talked it through and it has got considerably better, I still feel a little...the only way I can describe it is...lost. I count myself as quite a happy person (I know, me?) but seriously I do, I put it down to growing up on US sitcoms that I will always try and see the more positive/funny side to life but recently its hard.

I've been stress eating SO much, which is really hindering my diet, I haven't gained much weight but I'm not losing it anymore which honestly really upsets me....because I've made so much progress within the last year and a bit but I can just see it all going to crap which I really really do not want to happen. I find it harder when people are telling me how I well I'm doing, because they don't see me binging on sweets after every crappy shift at work, they don't know how much I'm struggling to get everything back on track. It's got to the point where I just want to hide away from everyone until I'm fully happy with how I look/how I'm feeling but I'm pushing myself to actually go out and see my friends even when I'm feeling like utter rubbish and the thought of socialising makes me want to curl up in a ball.

I feel like I need to read Harry Judd's 'Get Fit Get Happy' again because that really inspired me last time and I need to be inspired again.

But yeah, a truthful yet slightly depressing run down of where I've been the past 6 months, I'm going to try and start getting back into this and overall just focus on my ultimate goal of going travelling, I'm working to save up the money to go and honestly its the only thing I've ever truly wanted to do with my life.

So I'll hopefully see you again in another post soon.

Monday, 19 March 2018

The Beauty Cheat Sheet (Psst...We’ll Keep This As Our Little Secret!)

Keeping up appearances is something with all do, but nobody wants to spend their whole life in front of the mirror. So, every girl should look to embrace a few simple tips to unlock their beauty and confidence with minimal time and effort.
We all have to find routines that suit our personal needs and requirements. With these four tricks up, you’ll have no need to worry about your looks ever again.   
Let’s jump straight in.
1- The No Make Up Look
There are many occasions where going for full glam with stand out make up is fine. On the other hand, there are several common daily situations where subtlety is key.   
With the help of my previous post on the no make up make up look, you’ll be set for success. Not only will you look beautiful, but you’ll do so while retaining that natural vibe.
Enhancing your natural glow in this manner is sure to boost your confidence levels too. After all, looking good makes us feel great.

2- Extending Your Confidence
Beautiful hair is something that every girl aspires to have. Unfortunately, it’s often necessary to make short-term sacrifices before unlocking long-term rewards. But that needn’t stand in your way of a great look.
Most women have tried extensions at some stage, but it truly is a case of quality being key. Real hair extensions like those at Foxy Locks are for the best. Settling for less can negatively impact your genuine hair as well as the short-term appearance.
While you won’t always need the extensions, having them ready for those crucial moments can be one of the best weapons in a girl’s arsenal.  
3- Professional Treatments
As much as we all regularly worry about our looks, there’s no doubt that you are beautiful as you are. Therefore, cosmetic treatments like Botox and liposuction aren’t exactly needed. But you shouldn’t ignore all professional help.
You only get one set of teeth - well two, but one that you get to keep. Correcting aesthetic damage with services like Natural Smiles can be the key to unlocking that winning grin. And this will give you an incentive to smile too.
Even if it’s just whitening the teeth, expert support can make a world of difference to your look and your life.
4- Figure Boosting Fashion Choices
While there’s no need to look like the Photoshopped magazine models, most of us would like to lose a few pounds or tone up. Working towards those goals is great, but instant rewards are even better. Smarter fashion choices can provide a huge transformation.
Finding bras that boost your bust is a great starting point. Meanwhile, knowing how to use stripes or certain colours to maintain a slimmer figure works wonders. Do not underestimate its impact.
Another simple trick is to wear heels or focus on your posture. Those extra inches will boost your figure greatly, it really is that simple.
So, now you’re ready to unleash your beauty every single day. Just remember not tell anyone your secrets.   
What secrets?... exactly!

 *this is a collaborative post and may contain affiliate links.


Sunday, 18 March 2018

"It's everything you ever want, it's everything you ever need"


If you've guessed what this post is about from the title then...I like you! If not, don't worry because I'm here to educate you on the masterpiece that is The Greatest Showman.

This post is actually coming pretty late because I have been obsessing over this film for a good few months now, and I don't know why it has taken me so long to grab my laptop and start writing but here we finally are.

For those of you who don't know about this film you can watch the trailer here. The Greatest Showman focuses on the life on PT Barnum, a man with nothing who creates a worldwide spectacle. When I heard about it, I didn't actually know what the film was about, I was just sold on the fact it was a musical with Zac Efron in (like can you blame me?). But I ended up listening to the soundtrack before seeing the film and instantly fell in love with every song, I'm not even joking when I say I've listened to it at least once everyday since December. But nothing can compare to actually seeing it for the first time, within a minute into the film I knew I was going to be obsessed, it was such a whirlwind of emotions which I'm still quite not over.

Image result for the greatest showman

It is such a feel good movie and I left the cinema with a rush of determination to change my life, no dreams too big right? The second time I saw it, I went to a sing-a-long version and it was actually quite a special thing...a room full of strangers all connecting over their love for this film and singing a long didn't feel weird at all, although I did feel kind of sad when it was all over. I'm currently trying to convince my family to go and see it before it leaves the cinema, not only because I want to see it again but because I know they'd love it and its hard to explain my love for something to people who don't quite understand.

As I mentioned previously, Zac Efron was a big reason for me wanting to see this film. I grew up loving High School Musical, and I'm not even ashamed to say I still do! But the fact he was doing another musical was just the best thing I had heard in a while and his performance was so great, if he could keep doing musicals then I'd be happy 24/7. I've also got to mention how great Hugh Jackman was, he really had me hooked and he brought all the emotions from start to finish.

Every song on the soundtrack is wonderful its own way but there are 4 songs that are my overall favourites which are; The Greatest Show, The Other Side, This Is Me and Rewrite The Stars. These are the songs that I really connected with and thought were quite big moments within the film. This Is Me especially, the scene with this song in really pulled on my heart strings when I first saw it, its the moment when the people who have spent their life hiding away accept their differences and proudly embrace them which I love so much! "I am brave, I am bruised, I am who I'm meant to be, this is me" are definitely words to live by, stop worrying about what people think and just do!

If you haven't seen The Greatest Showman, what are you doing? Go and see it as soon as you can, because I promise you...once you have you'll be wondering why it took you so long! If you have seen it, I'd love to know your thoughts, your favourite parts/songs!

Thank you for reading, I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back for my next one!

Thursday, 15 March 2018

Inspirational Women


I recently came across two different tweets that pushed me into writing this post on inspirational women (well women who inspire me shall I say), whether that be a real life person or their fictional counterpart.

The first tweet was from B.J. Novak, who in a single tweet managed to show how far Mindy Kaling has come in her career which brought me so much happiness when I read it because even though it is something I think and feel, having visual proof is always so satisfying. The second tweet I saw which was also a big part of me writing this was a video of a journalist giving Reese Witherspoon her dissertation that was written all about Legally Blonde, and you can just see how much it means to her and Reese which just made me super happy.

So lets get into it.

Mindy Kaling

I was 16 when I first started watching The Mindy Project and this was the first time I had ever heard of Mindy, it also came at such a perfect time in my life. I count this as the first time my life went a bit crap, it was the end of school/start of 6th form and I had just lost all my friends for some reason that is still unknown to me. Luckily I met my current best friends who drastically changed my life for the better, but at this time I still felt like the odd one out in their group and having this show was a big help to not go insanely crazy. I'm not one to throw around the word fate but I think I may just have to for Mindy/this show as a month before I heard about this show I was in LA and took a random picture of FOX studios and only when looking back on it a few months later I noticed the big The Mindy Project billboard in full view.

After the massive success of the show Mindy brought out two books, which made me love her even more! She talks about her life growing up, how she got into the industry/her struggles within the industry and her time on The Office. The Office was a show I had always heard of but had never bothered to watch until I read Mindy's book because even if I didn't like it (which if course I did) I would be getting to watch Mindy in not only one of her first acting roles but one of her first writing jobs, and it made me super happy every time I saw 'written by Mindy Kaling' on the credits, from reading where she started to seeing that just made me emotional. Hence the reason B.J's tweet was a big thing. Now I look back, I can't ever imagine my life without Mindy Kaling, she has brought a lot of joy and tears (Mindy and Danny forever!) to my life, but I cannot wait to see where her career goes from now, I'm excited to watch A Wrinkle In Time!

Reese Witherspoon

Reese is an amazing women but for now I shall get all my love for Elle Woods out before I explode. Legally Blonde is a film that I've actually only recently seen (probably only in the past couple of years) which is INSANE because it is a film that everybody needs to see at least once...I remember watching it and making my mum watch it after because it was just THAT good. Growing up my mum had always taught us that 'you don't need a man' not in like a forever way, men can be helpful...my dad and brother are my personal spider catchers (as well as being two of my bestfriends) but in a don't ever think you can't live without one. I know many many people who don't think like this and I have witnessed first hand the horror in their face when they find out I've never been in a relationship because to them that's all their life is which is quite sad, like Elle at the beginning of the movie; she thought her be all end all was to be Warner's wife but really she was capable of so much more, she defied all the odds and ignored everyone who doubted her and got that Harvard law degree once she realised she was so much more than someone's wife.

I don't know if Reese knew how many people Elle Woods would inspire when she signed up to the role but I'm so glad she did. She's such a genuinely lovely person and unlike some actors is proud of their early roles that brought success, like on the 15th anniversary of the film she snapchatted herself trying on costumes from the film because she knew thats what people would love to see (and yes it was amazing) which is why the video I mention at the start is so fab, she is so touched and you can really see that in her face.

America Ferrara 

Ugly Betty was one of the earliest TV shows I remember being obsessed with and a big part of that was because Betty Suarez was just so relatable. The show as a whole, as cheesy as it sounds, shaped me as a person. The show and the characters were amazing, it dealt with so many important subjects in such a way that was enjoyable to watch but also educated you at the same time. At one point in my life not only did I have to wear glasses I also had braces, and at the age of 13 that wasn't exactly cool. This was around the time Ugly Betty was in its last season, so instead of being embarrassed of what I looked like I thought to myself that 'hey I'm just like Betty' and because I had already seen her grow so much from being that poncho wearing girl in the first episode it made me feel so much better of how I looked.

America Ferrara as a person though is just beyond amazing. Not only is she still acting she is also directing and proving how much of a star she really is. She is also a massive advocate for many issues that not only does she use her power in the industry to get the word out about things she will also help in any way she possibly can proving how much of an amazing woman she is. I think she's a very underrated person and deserves all the love in the world.

Giovanna Fletcher

Being a big Mcfly fan, I obviously know Giovanna through Tom but I am here to tell you today that she is SO much more than just his wife. My earliest memory of Gi is reading an article about her and Tom and all I could think about was how lucky she was to be with him and little did I know a few years later we would be here, me singing every praise under the sun to her. If you didn't know, Gi is an author...and such a great one! I've been in utter awe at every book I've read of hers (I'm two books behind...I'm slacking I know) but I love a good love story and she just has this way of adding a twist to them which gets you hooked so bad you cant put it down.

Another thing that makes her so inspiring, is just how real she is, like don't get me wrong all the other women in this are also real, but I've seen Gi in no make up and pjs more than I have myself...and I love that. She doesn't pretend to be something that shes not and I love how vlogging has become her thing because watching her with Buzz and Buddy is always the highlight of my day.

Demi Lovato

Camp Rock was the moment I truly fell in love with Demi, but my earliest memory of her was on a very short Disney Channel show called As The Bell Rings, which was set at a high school and everything happened at a window.  She had been in the public eye since she was very young and her rise to fame through Camp Rock bought addiction to drugs and alcohol which combined with mental health issues such as self harm/eating disorders almost broke her. I remember the day I found out she was going to rehab, I was 14 and honestly so shocked...this was someone who I idolised and I didn't know that any of this was going on in her life, it was so sad reading all the articles learning that the singer I loved so much felt the complete opposite about herself, I've stayed such a massive fan through it all and I'm so glad she got the help when she did because she came back stronger than ever.

She is such an inspiration for how strong she is and how far she has come from those low moments, today actually marks 6 years of her sobriety which I'm so incredibly proud of because within those 6 years she has done so much to help people whether she knew she was doing it or not. After almost 10 years I will finally get to see her perform live in June and I am so beyond excited!

(obviously gotta give my mum a shout out for being my inspiration because she won't be happy if I don't mention her haha)

I hope you enjoyed this post and I'd love to know who inspires you and why!


Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Luxurious London: A Dream Weekend

London is a thrilling city with so much to offer. From theatres bursting with life, restaurants from around the world, museums displaying some of the most intriguing artefacts and so much more, London really is a cultural capital.

While a lifetime is probably still not quite enough time to see and do everything there is, a weekend in London is perfect to get a taste without feeling too overwhelmed. And, if you are only going for a short weekend break, why would you not do it in luxurious fashion?


If you love city travel, London has some of the most fabulous hotels in the world and many of them are right at the beating heart of the city. However, if you are looking for real luxury, it just has to be a rented apartment for your stay. Not only do many apartments come with similar maid and concierge services as the big hotels, but you will also feel much more at home and benefit from some spectacular views across the city.

Take a look at https://www.londonservicedapartments.co.uk/luxury-apartments/ to see what you could get all to yourself. Most of these apartments come with stunning views, fabulous interiors and really make you feel at home during your short stay.


Food is such a personal thing and finding the right place can be difficult in a new city. However, there are all kinds of luxury and private dining opportunities available to Londoners that you can cash in on too. There are all kinds of different cuisines to choose from and each comes with a different style of setting from urban chic to underground bars or rooftop terraces. There really is something for all tastes.


When you consider how busy London is as a city, it shouldn’t be all that surprising just how many spas there are to calm your mind, ease your tensions and restore your inner peace. From swiss style glacial facial treatments to the Malaysian beach spa style, the spas in London use everything they have to provide you with exactly what you came for: tranquillity and relaxation.


Now that you are well fed and fully relaxed, it’s time to hit the shops and in London, you can find everything you have ever thought of and lots of other things as well. At the centre of Knightsbridge, Harrods is a must-see mansion of all things high fashion. Christmas is one of the best times to come for the fabulous window displays and warm white lights strung everywhere, though there will certainly be more people about. Of course, London isn’t short of luxury shopping destinations and you should also consider visiting Bond Street, Mayfair and Saville row for some fabulous designer stores.

With so many options and opportunities to fill a luxury weekend away, London is certainly one of the most exciting cities in the world and you will probably find yourself visiting again and again, always seeing something new, and always wanting to return for more.

*this is a collaborative post.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Marc Jacobs Vox Box


I was recently lucky enough to receive two complimentary Marc Jacobs Matte Highliners from Influenster. I was sent two pink shades, the lighter one being called Pink of Me and the other being (Pop)ular.

I was so excited to receive these as I had seen many people on my Instagram posting about them and they just looked so great, and a pop of colour is always something you want when doing your make up. The shade range for this product is amazing and I can't wait to try more!

The pigmentation is so great, the colour stands out very clearly including the light pink shade. It is also super creamy which makes them very easy to apply...and believe me, I'm useless with eyeliner!

Below is a look I created using both of the shades I received. I went for just a simple eye look, no eye shadow just these eyeliners with a slight wing at the end. The shade closest to my lash line is (Pop)ular and above is Pink of Me. I really loved how this look turned out, you can easily pair it with a gloss or any pink lipstick, I think Kylie Cosmetic's Posie K would be a great match with the (Pop)ular eyeliner.

Thank you for reading. I really hope you enjoyed this post and will be back for my next one!


Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Get Fit, Get Happy

So as you may know 2017 is the year I managed to lose 2 stone, it was also the year Harry Judd; the drummer from my all time favourite band Mcfly, released a fitness book which is what I'm here to tell you about today.

The main thing I need to do for the rest of my weight loss journey is to exercise more but I HATE EXERCISE. I always have, PE was seriously the worst subject throughout my school life, I barely made any effort and considering I had the same teacher the whole time its fair to say she probably got fed up of trying with me. But looking back on that, even with all the funny stories that come with my hate for exercise, I definitely should have made more of an effort because that was a major contributor to my unhealthiness.

For Christmas I was given Harry Judd's 'Get Fit, Get Happy' book and it has become the new obsession of my life. Not only does it include a fitness plan and lots of different workouts it has a big chunk of Harry's story at the beginning of how he struggled with addiction, anxiety and OCD and how exercise has helped him. There was a lot to Harry's story that I didn't know about which has given me a brand new love and respect for him. The whole concept of the book is to show that exercise is not only good for the body but also the mind. I keep making comments about how this book is my 'bible' but I truly mean it, I never knew how much I would connect and how much it would motivate me.

I knew that part of the book was Harry's personal story but I didn't realise that there would be as much as there was. I have always considered myself such a big Mcfly fan seeing as I have loved them since the age of 8 but I couldn't help but feel guilty at the fact that I never knew most of what I was reading and how much Harry had been through. The biggest thing that stuck out to me was when he talks about being in the film Just My Luck, I remember seeing it for the first time and just being in awe over the fact the band were in it, but reading how much Harry was hurting during the filming of it just breaks my heart. Another thing is how much anxiety he had while doing Strictly Come Dancing, obviously I know that at times anxiety can be invisible, but its crazy how much I never noticed purely because it was the highlight of my week. 

After reading the whole of Harry's story I am so thankful that he got the help he needed when he did because I seriously couldn't and wouldn't want to imagine a life without Harry Judd.

The second part of the book is a fitness plan filled with different exercises ranging from beginner, intermediate and advanced as well as dances that Harry thinks will help make exercise 'fun' (above is just a quick glimpse into what you could do..there is also one called 'selfie workout' which if you know me you know its very well suited!). The majority of the exercises are things that you can fit around your everyday routine. They are quick and easy to follow. I have been trying to fit around half an hour of exercise into my day by using different parts of the fitness plan and it is definitely proving successful so far! I am also adapting to the 'get fit, get happy' mentality, I had a bit of a crappy weekend where usually I would just lay in bed watching TV but instead I pulled out the book and done a workout when I felt like I needed motivating and it really did improve my mood! 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!
If you're looking for something to inspire you, motivate you, and help you change your life then I would definitely recommend picking this up! Not only is it amazing for help with workouts, it also includes many photos of Harry, which definitely isn't a bad thing!


Friday, 2 February 2018

New products I've bought


So I recently bought a few new make up bits and thought I would share with you all!

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation in 105
I'm actually pretty disappointed in this foundation after hearing so many great things about it, but the colour was quite off and I found that it caked around my nose quite a bit which just ruined my whole look.
L'oreal Paris Paradise Extatic Mascara
I'm so in love with this mascara, everything about it is so great. The packaging is lovely and I find that it gives such a great level of volume to my lashes. I find that it could work as a dupe for the Better Than Sex mascara which is definitely my holy grail mascara.
Make Up Geek Eyeshadow Pan in Dragonfly
This is such a great eyeshadow, it is so pigmented and blends so lovely, I can't wait to experiment with it more and see all the different looks I can create using this.
Make Up Geek Foiled Eyeshadow Pan in Pegasus
This is such a great shimmer/glitter eyeshadow, it is so pigmented and there isn't really that much fall out so it really is such a great colour and will make any eye look amazing.
Sugarpill Pro Pan Pressed Eyeshadow Pan in Kim Chi
Another fab bright pigmented eyeshadow that I'm so excited to use more often, so far I've only used it once but I loved it and it blended so beautifully.
LASplash Sinfully Angelic Lipgloss in Ambriel
I'm not normally a gloss person and took a chance when I bought this because I didn't know if I was going to like it but turns out....I love it! I wore this for my mums 50th and having a glossy lip meant more attention was on my eye make up which is what I really wanted as they matched my dress.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back for my next one!



Wednesday, 10 January 2018

The Christmasaurus: Live on Stage!


Today I'm going to tell you all about one of the greatest days of my life and it all started at the end of 2016. When Tom Fletcher (aka the love of my life) announced that he was turning his cute little Christmas book, The Christmasaurus, into a live stage show, which I obviously had to go to! I spent so much time hinting to my mum that I wanted to go, even though she said she wouldn't get tickets.

Fast forward to Christmas morning; I opened a present from my Mum and Dad and there in my hands was The Christmasaurus book, a book written by the person who I had loved since I was 8, and my happiness was at an all time high. I truly didn't think I could get any happier...that was until my mum told me to open the book and there was 2 tickets to the show, and in that moment the only thing I could manage to do was cry!

I then had a year long wait to finally be able to see the show! The thought of seeing Tom and Giovanna Fletcher performing together in front of my eyes was more than I could've ever dreamed of and then at the end of October the best announcement was made that not only Tom and Giovanna were performing but also Harry Judd, Matt Willis and Carrie Hope Fletcher were as well. Basically me and mum literally couldn't fangirl more if we tried!

Then on the 23rd December 2017, the day finally came and I'm not even joking I had never been so hyped! I hadn't and still haven't read the book (like I've read a few pages) so we were going into it not really knowing what to expect, just that there was a Christmas dinosaur and my favourite people all on stage together. 

The show was so beyond amazing, it had such a beautiful story line and Tom's utter musical skills just made everything amazing. I was close to tears during many moments in the show and even though I'm 21 and went to a show that was probably more aimed at children...I had the best time ever and it just made my 2017 if I'm honest. I also really need to buy the musical edition book because those songs were really everything!!

I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back for my next one!



Saturday, 6 January 2018

Kathleen Lights x Colourpop

Hey, welcome back! 

Today's post is sort of a new make up/first impressions sort of post. If you've read previous posts of mine you may know that Kathleen Lights is my all time favourite youtuber, and recently she brought out a collab with Colourpop to create this Dream Street eyeshadow pallette and Dream Team lip trio.

This is my first Colourpop order and I'm super excited about it because I've heard so many great things about them. They are such an affordable company so the palette and lip trio (although I had to buy them separately because the trio had already sold out) were very inexpensive. The costly part was the shipping and customs tax as it came from America, it also took about 3 weeks to arrive, which is pretty good considering how far it had to come and that it was shipped around Christmas Time.

The more I use this palette, the more I fall in love with it. There is such a brilliant range of colours in it that you can create so many different looks.

top row L-R: Shooting Star, Magical, Star Dust, Twinkle
middle row L-R: Sweet Dreams, Water Bearer, Potion, Spark
bottom row L-R: Kaleidoscope, Elfish, Moony, Mermaid Boy

My two favourite shades to use right now are Shooting Star and Potion, they are my go to shades for any eye look recently. I'm obsessed with this palette as a whole to be honest, it definitely lived up to my expectations as the shades are so pigmented and they blend so easily to make the perfect eye look. I cant wait to keep on experimenting with the different shades.

The lip trio consists of two Ultra Satin Lips and an Ultra Glossy Lip. I was so excited to try these as I had heard so many great things and was so intrigued to try the different formulas as I am a big fan of Kylie Lip Kits so trying something that isn't super matte was exciting to me! 

hand swatches- L-R: Dreamy (Ultra Satin), Moonchild (Ultra Glossy), Rêver (Ultra Satin)

I'm so obsessed with all of these, the formula of the ultra satin lip is so great, not only are they super pigmented they stay on all day without being fully drying so it is such a comfortable all day lip colour! I've only recently become a fan of lip gloss and this is definitely my favourite! It glides on so softly and isn't sticky at all, which is one of my least favourite thing about glosses.

I hope you enjoyed this post! Definitley check out Kathleen and Colourpop, and hope you come back for my next post!



Monday, 1 January 2018

bye bye twenty seventeen


So another year is over which means another set of TV characters have died! Unfortunately for me, I really fell out of most of the shows I watch so the list is kind of short...but even though its short, they were freaking heartbreaking!!

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Lets get into it!

6: Gideon Blackburn - Reign

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Gideon was such a great character and I really loved his and Mary's relationship after Francis died. Everything that happened with his daughter was just super heartbreaking and the fact he died just so Narcisse could get back at Elizabeth was just so unfair.

5: Topher Zia - The Night Shift
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This was a death that truly shocked me. You never actually see his death scene as it was just announced to the hospital that he was in a car accident and didn't survive, and it was something that I wasn't expecting to happen. He was such a great addition to the show and was definitely missed from the last season.

4: Heather Pinkney - Code Black
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I was seriously so shocked and upset at this death. Code Black was only on its second season and Heather was definitely one of my favourite characters. After being bitten by a patient with Hemorraghic Fever, the two part episode is very centred on her survival but the more time went on without a cure, she ended up crashing. It was such a shock, but definitely a great story line for the finale.

3: Hannah Baker - 13 Reasons Why
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I know that 13 Reasons Why was a major controversy of 2017, a show that I personally liked but I feel like you can't deny Hannah's death was beyond heartbreaking. Anybody taking their own life is extremely sad but seeing every little thing that led to Hannah taking hers made it so much worse. The entire death scene broke my heart and is something that I will never be able to forget. This show was extremely moving and powerful, and even though it has some extremely difficult moments, it is something that I would recommend to everybody.

2: Mary Queen of Scots - Reign
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When I heard that Reign was ending, I was intrigued to see how they would actually end it and whether they would include Mary's death. I obviously read up on the history of the real Mary Queen of Scots and didn't know how the writers would be able to write in a time jump to have her die at the same age she did, but it worked out so well. Although her death was extremely sad, it was written so perfectly and the fact she was with Francis again made the whole show amazing for me.

1: Billie Ashford - Home and Away
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This is seriously competing for the saddest TV death ever along with Casey Braxton from Home and Away. I was so conflicted by Billie and VJ's relationship at the start and as soon as I fully fell in love with them everything went wrong. Billie was such an amazing character and she didn't deserve anything she went through. Everything happened so fast but was truly heartbreaking. Her last moments with VJ and Luc on the beach was such a beautiful end to her story.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully (well not that I want any more of my favourite characters to die) I will have more content to next years post!

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