Monday, 1 January 2018

bye bye twenty seventeen


So another year is over which means another set of TV characters have died! Unfortunately for me, I really fell out of most of the shows I watch so the list is kind of short...but even though its short, they were freaking heartbreaking!!

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Lets get into it!

6: Gideon Blackburn - Reign

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Gideon was such a great character and I really loved his and Mary's relationship after Francis died. Everything that happened with his daughter was just super heartbreaking and the fact he died just so Narcisse could get back at Elizabeth was just so unfair.

5: Topher Zia - The Night Shift
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This was a death that truly shocked me. You never actually see his death scene as it was just announced to the hospital that he was in a car accident and didn't survive, and it was something that I wasn't expecting to happen. He was such a great addition to the show and was definitely missed from the last season.

4: Heather Pinkney - Code Black
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I was seriously so shocked and upset at this death. Code Black was only on its second season and Heather was definitely one of my favourite characters. After being bitten by a patient with Hemorraghic Fever, the two part episode is very centred on her survival but the more time went on without a cure, she ended up crashing. It was such a shock, but definitely a great story line for the finale.

3: Hannah Baker - 13 Reasons Why
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I know that 13 Reasons Why was a major controversy of 2017, a show that I personally liked but I feel like you can't deny Hannah's death was beyond heartbreaking. Anybody taking their own life is extremely sad but seeing every little thing that led to Hannah taking hers made it so much worse. The entire death scene broke my heart and is something that I will never be able to forget. This show was extremely moving and powerful, and even though it has some extremely difficult moments, it is something that I would recommend to everybody.

2: Mary Queen of Scots - Reign
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When I heard that Reign was ending, I was intrigued to see how they would actually end it and whether they would include Mary's death. I obviously read up on the history of the real Mary Queen of Scots and didn't know how the writers would be able to write in a time jump to have her die at the same age she did, but it worked out so well. Although her death was extremely sad, it was written so perfectly and the fact she was with Francis again made the whole show amazing for me.

1: Billie Ashford - Home and Away
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This is seriously competing for the saddest TV death ever along with Casey Braxton from Home and Away. I was so conflicted by Billie and VJ's relationship at the start and as soon as I fully fell in love with them everything went wrong. Billie was such an amazing character and she didn't deserve anything she went through. Everything happened so fast but was truly heartbreaking. Her last moments with VJ and Luc on the beach was such a beautiful end to her story.

I hope you enjoyed this post and hopefully (well not that I want any more of my favourite characters to die) I will have more content to next years post!


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