Tuesday, 20 February 2018

Luxurious London: A Dream Weekend

London is a thrilling city with so much to offer. From theatres bursting with life, restaurants from around the world, museums displaying some of the most intriguing artefacts and so much more, London really is a cultural capital.

While a lifetime is probably still not quite enough time to see and do everything there is, a weekend in London is perfect to get a taste without feeling too overwhelmed. And, if you are only going for a short weekend break, why would you not do it in luxurious fashion?


If you love city travel, London has some of the most fabulous hotels in the world and many of them are right at the beating heart of the city. However, if you are looking for real luxury, it just has to be a rented apartment for your stay. Not only do many apartments come with similar maid and concierge services as the big hotels, but you will also feel much more at home and benefit from some spectacular views across the city.

Take a look at https://www.londonservicedapartments.co.uk/luxury-apartments/ to see what you could get all to yourself. Most of these apartments come with stunning views, fabulous interiors and really make you feel at home during your short stay.


Food is such a personal thing and finding the right place can be difficult in a new city. However, there are all kinds of luxury and private dining opportunities available to Londoners that you can cash in on too. There are all kinds of different cuisines to choose from and each comes with a different style of setting from urban chic to underground bars or rooftop terraces. There really is something for all tastes.


When you consider how busy London is as a city, it shouldn’t be all that surprising just how many spas there are to calm your mind, ease your tensions and restore your inner peace. From swiss style glacial facial treatments to the Malaysian beach spa style, the spas in London use everything they have to provide you with exactly what you came for: tranquillity and relaxation.


Now that you are well fed and fully relaxed, it’s time to hit the shops and in London, you can find everything you have ever thought of and lots of other things as well. At the centre of Knightsbridge, Harrods is a must-see mansion of all things high fashion. Christmas is one of the best times to come for the fabulous window displays and warm white lights strung everywhere, though there will certainly be more people about. Of course, London isn’t short of luxury shopping destinations and you should also consider visiting Bond Street, Mayfair and Saville row for some fabulous designer stores.

With so many options and opportunities to fill a luxury weekend away, London is certainly one of the most exciting cities in the world and you will probably find yourself visiting again and again, always seeing something new, and always wanting to return for more.

*this is a collaborative post.

Monday, 12 February 2018

Marc Jacobs Vox Box


I was recently lucky enough to receive two complimentary Marc Jacobs Matte Highliners from Influenster. I was sent two pink shades, the lighter one being called Pink of Me and the other being (Pop)ular.

I was so excited to receive these as I had seen many people on my Instagram posting about them and they just looked so great, and a pop of colour is always something you want when doing your make up. The shade range for this product is amazing and I can't wait to try more!

The pigmentation is so great, the colour stands out very clearly including the light pink shade. It is also super creamy which makes them very easy to apply...and believe me, I'm useless with eyeliner!

Below is a look I created using both of the shades I received. I went for just a simple eye look, no eye shadow just these eyeliners with a slight wing at the end. The shade closest to my lash line is (Pop)ular and above is Pink of Me. I really loved how this look turned out, you can easily pair it with a gloss or any pink lipstick, I think Kylie Cosmetic's Posie K would be a great match with the (Pop)ular eyeliner.

Thank you for reading. I really hope you enjoyed this post and will be back for my next one!


Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Get Fit, Get Happy

So as you may know 2017 is the year I managed to lose 2 stone, it was also the year Harry Judd; the drummer from my all time favourite band Mcfly, released a fitness book which is what I'm here to tell you about today.

The main thing I need to do for the rest of my weight loss journey is to exercise more but I HATE EXERCISE. I always have, PE was seriously the worst subject throughout my school life, I barely made any effort and considering I had the same teacher the whole time its fair to say she probably got fed up of trying with me. But looking back on that, even with all the funny stories that come with my hate for exercise, I definitely should have made more of an effort because that was a major contributor to my unhealthiness.

For Christmas I was given Harry Judd's 'Get Fit, Get Happy' book and it has become the new obsession of my life. Not only does it include a fitness plan and lots of different workouts it has a big chunk of Harry's story at the beginning of how he struggled with addiction, anxiety and OCD and how exercise has helped him. There was a lot to Harry's story that I didn't know about which has given me a brand new love and respect for him. The whole concept of the book is to show that exercise is not only good for the body but also the mind. I keep making comments about how this book is my 'bible' but I truly mean it, I never knew how much I would connect and how much it would motivate me.

I knew that part of the book was Harry's personal story but I didn't realise that there would be as much as there was. I have always considered myself such a big Mcfly fan seeing as I have loved them since the age of 8 but I couldn't help but feel guilty at the fact that I never knew most of what I was reading and how much Harry had been through. The biggest thing that stuck out to me was when he talks about being in the film Just My Luck, I remember seeing it for the first time and just being in awe over the fact the band were in it, but reading how much Harry was hurting during the filming of it just breaks my heart. Another thing is how much anxiety he had while doing Strictly Come Dancing, obviously I know that at times anxiety can be invisible, but its crazy how much I never noticed purely because it was the highlight of my week. 

After reading the whole of Harry's story I am so thankful that he got the help he needed when he did because I seriously couldn't and wouldn't want to imagine a life without Harry Judd.

The second part of the book is a fitness plan filled with different exercises ranging from beginner, intermediate and advanced as well as dances that Harry thinks will help make exercise 'fun' (above is just a quick glimpse into what you could do..there is also one called 'selfie workout' which if you know me you know its very well suited!). The majority of the exercises are things that you can fit around your everyday routine. They are quick and easy to follow. I have been trying to fit around half an hour of exercise into my day by using different parts of the fitness plan and it is definitely proving successful so far! I am also adapting to the 'get fit, get happy' mentality, I had a bit of a crappy weekend where usually I would just lay in bed watching TV but instead I pulled out the book and done a workout when I felt like I needed motivating and it really did improve my mood! 

Thank you for reading and I hope you enjoyed this post!
If you're looking for something to inspire you, motivate you, and help you change your life then I would definitely recommend picking this up! Not only is it amazing for help with workouts, it also includes many photos of Harry, which definitely isn't a bad thing!


Friday, 2 February 2018

New products I've bought


So I recently bought a few new make up bits and thought I would share with you all!

Maybelline Fit Me Matte & Poreless Foundation in 105
I'm actually pretty disappointed in this foundation after hearing so many great things about it, but the colour was quite off and I found that it caked around my nose quite a bit which just ruined my whole look.
L'oreal Paris Paradise Extatic Mascara
I'm so in love with this mascara, everything about it is so great. The packaging is lovely and I find that it gives such a great level of volume to my lashes. I find that it could work as a dupe for the Better Than Sex mascara which is definitely my holy grail mascara.
Make Up Geek Eyeshadow Pan in Dragonfly
This is such a great eyeshadow, it is so pigmented and blends so lovely, I can't wait to experiment with it more and see all the different looks I can create using this.
Make Up Geek Foiled Eyeshadow Pan in Pegasus
This is such a great shimmer/glitter eyeshadow, it is so pigmented and there isn't really that much fall out so it really is such a great colour and will make any eye look amazing.
Sugarpill Pro Pan Pressed Eyeshadow Pan in Kim Chi
Another fab bright pigmented eyeshadow that I'm so excited to use more often, so far I've only used it once but I loved it and it blended so beautifully.
LASplash Sinfully Angelic Lipgloss in Ambriel
I'm not normally a gloss person and took a chance when I bought this because I didn't know if I was going to like it but turns out....I love it! I wore this for my mums 50th and having a glossy lip meant more attention was on my eye make up which is what I really wanted as they matched my dress.

I hope you enjoyed this post and will come back for my next one!


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