Tuesday, 6 November 2018


If you read my last post then you may know that this year, compared to last, has definitely not been my year. I had so many expectations and they all went to crap but since writing that post I've had such an amazing couple of months and things I could have only ever dreamed of actually happened, so thought I'd let you all know.

Friends Fest

If you know me at all you'll know that I am obsessed with Friends, I have been for the past 10 years of my life and I am forever watching it. In September I finally got to go to Friends Fest and it was honestly such a great day. I went with two of my friends and all the little photo ops around were so great (those photos are on my instagram) and the set tours were definitely my favourite part of the day, I cant even describe the feeling of seeing something on TV everyday to then seeing it in person! 

Michael Buble

The day after Friends Fest I went to see Michael Buble at the o2 with my mum, something that we have both always wanted to do, but have never had any luck with getting tickets. We had standing tickets and they were the best ever! Not only was this such a great night because we were super super close and Michael is such a cute person, like honestly best personality ever, it made my night just to have made one of my mums dreams come true. Definitely one of the best concerts I have been to! 

Rip it Up

This night is the night that made my 2018. I went to see Harry Judd in Rip It Up with my mum, which was my birthday present from this year and just the fact I had front row seats was a good enough reason to make it such an amazing evening. But as soon as I saw Danny Jones in the audience I just knew I had to meet him (I have been such a massive Mcfly fan since I was 7 so there was no way I was leaving without even attempting to meet him) which I did during the interval, and he was literally the nicest person, I was so nervous which you can tell by how shaky the photo is. The show was amazing and by the end of it I was on such a high and then getting to meet Harry afterwards actually made my life. 

Tulleys Farm

This Halloween me and a group of people from work went to Tulleys Farm Shocktober Fest and it was such an amazing night! I'm normally such a wimp and seriously thought this would terrify me but I cannot wait to go back! There were so many well thought out horror mazes that were pretty bloody jumpy at times, but none of them made me scream and cry so I actually impressed myself by being brave! Also, I'm in love with this giant pumpkin!


Last week I went to see Busted at the 100 Club in London with my friend Laura and honestly was one of the best nights of my life. This was such a last minute gig and in the tiniest, cutest venue. They were so great live and I loved every bloody second of it, the only downside is that you couldn't use your phone in there (although we did get a couple of sneaky pics), which I half get because its always so great just enjoying it in the moment but oh my god, as soon as Matt Willis was in literal touching distance from me all I wanted to do was get a photo of that beautiful man. Most of the audience getting onstage during year 3000 was definitely a moment i'll never forget! I had such a great time that at the weekend I bought tickets to see them again in March!

Even though this year definitely didn't turn out the way I had hoped, the past couple of months have made it so so amazing and hopefully the rest of the year will be just as great. I need to so desperately find the motivation to start dieting again and get back to how I was last year but I'm finding it so hard, hopefully 2019 will be my year!


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