Friday, 23 August 2019

mal paper | Daily goal setter

Hi again!

I was recently sent this beautiful journal from Mal Paper, which you can find here. I got it in the cutest shade of pink and its honestly something I never knew I needed. I am yet to use it properly but after having a flick through the pages I am so excited to get to using it. I'm currently at a stage in my life where the only way I can explain it is that its 'messy', and I'm in desperate need of something to help me get back to my 'normal', and I'm thinking this could be it.

There are about 9 pages in the front that explain exactly how you can use and utilise the journal for your own needs. The sections are your morning, evening, weekly and monthly routine, long term and short term goals. There are also some example pages to get you on the right start to getting the most out of your journal. Throughout the journal there are some little inspirational quotes which brings the perfect little touch to it.

On my next day off I am going to sit down and properly get started on using the journal and will most likely do an update post on how it is going and how I'm finding using the journal.

I definitely think if you love journals and are looking for something to help you become a bit more planned within your life you should give this a go!

*products within this post were gifted.


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